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8 Steps to Arranging Books in a Bookcase Like a Pro after the Move

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These books will always have a special place in your heart. It took a long time to collect all of this data. Each book tells a different story, and you’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring them. 

There are only a few books here that you’d instead not read. But now it is the best time to move your book collection to its new home. You’re under a lot of pressure and stress because you’re in the middle of a house move. Unfortunately, it would be best to learn how to store paperbacks and other books properly. 

The steps for installing a bookshelf in your new home are outlined below. Because your new place is more prominent, you’ll have the freedom to rearrange your book collection as you see fit. Put your creativity to work, and for this hiring, a Removalists in Melbourne is the best option:

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1) Books in softcover vs. hardcover

Checking the cover is a quick and easy way to organize your books and works with any bookcase or shelf. 

Texts of various types can get stored in different sections of the frame. 

It makes perfect sense because you’ll quickly learn to recognize your books by touch. 

That’s a fantastic way to make things easier and simpler for everyone to find the right book.

2) Please specify if the book is in color

Some believe books should be organized by color when moving into a new home. 

Using color, you can create a visual link between your stories and the covers of your books and draw attention to your bookshelf. 

Simply put, it’s an ingenious system for keeping your book collection neat and well-organized. 

You can also create an appealing and welcoming bookshelf in your new home by dedicating an entire shelf to a specific color scheme.

3) Finally, neatly pile them.

Furthermore, some people would rather spend their money on unusually angled shelves. 

They enable you to arrange your books in an intriguing diagonal configuration. 

It can organize your book titles in various ways, including alphabetically or by the original printing typeface and size, increasing the arrangement’s overall appeal and fun.

4) Select a genre 

Selecting a genre is a practical and valuable method of organizing your books. 

You can categorize them based on their subject matter or style. When you only have some time to spare, you’ll have no trouble selecting a good book from this handy list. 

You know where to go if you’re looking for a happy and optimistic love story. 

When you’re in the mood for a thrilling page-turner, your fingers instinctively move to the appropriate location on your bookcase.

5) It should be arranged alphabetically.

Furthermore, alphabetizing your books is one of the simplest and most visually appealing ways. 

Because your natural tendency is to look in a specific direction for the book you require, this provides a novel vantage point. You’ve probably heard the name before. 

You know exactly where the book is on the shelf. When you’re in the mood to read, the text you want to read will appear without your intervention. 

It’s also a lovely composition in terms of aesthetics. Feeling accomplished comes from alphabetizing your categories and arranging your texts in the most visually appealing order.

6) Remember to measure their stature and consider their overall dimensions.

If you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, this system of sorting books soon after moving is ideal. 

You can arrange books on shelves if you don’t care about using proper alphabets, colors, or patterns. Your books’ dimensions—their depth, height, and width—are critical. 

Simply sorting your books by volume and size can help you achieve a lot of uniformity in your bookcase. Color and pattern matching will make this arrangement even more appealing. 

Before organizing by height and width, keep paperbacks and hardcovers in separate bins. You will thus have made room for both your hard and soft book collections.

7) From the Ancient to the Modern

This will give your book layout a distinctively unique appearance. You’ll feel a wave of nostalgia wash over you. Sort your books from oldest to newest, beginning at the bottom. 

Later purchases should go in the center, with the most recent novels and paperbacks on the rightmost shelf. It’s a fantastic way to keep tracking the books you’ve read and those you’ve brought home but have yet to open.

8) Be able to distinguish between fact and fiction.

This concept-based categorization of your books is an intriguing way to distinguish them from one another. Biographies can be separate from the fictional stories you write. 

This setup is suitable for both fictional and nonfictional works. As a result, cataloging your library will become even more straightforward.

9) Before packing, go through your book collection and remove duplicates and duplicate shelves.

There are many different methods to arrange a bookshelf, whether brand new or something you brought with you from another home.

Donating them to those in need is an excellent way to lighten your load. You can have a yard sale if you want to avoid damaging your belongings by transporting them. You can also drop them off at local libraries.


You don’t want to cause them trouble because reading is your first and foremost passion. 

When moving, you should prioritize the safety of your belongings above all else. And for that, you’ll want to hire house Removalists in Thomastown and professional Movers in Sunshine who take full responsibility for their transport and share your love of reading. 

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Best wishes for your upcoming relocation!

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