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Get skilled and efficient local Burwood Removalists. Finding a good removalists for your exact needs is challenging. We are your comprehensive solution for your removal job in the city and reduce your moving challenges.

You need not worry now as we are here to help. Just give us your moving details. Get a free quote or call us to book affordable removalists.

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Benefits of Booking Expert Furniture Removalists in Burwood East

When you move, you need expert and skilled furniture movers because they can improve your moving experience. If you need help moving your furniture, our partnered furniture removalists in Burwood can be an excellent choice. 

We are a trusted and well-known platform that can meet your moving needs at an affordable price. Our listed moving companies have a lot of experienced movers who can help with arranging, packing and unpacking. You don’t have to worry about getting things set up in your new home or moving, whether local or interstate.

Though all your goods are more than safe with our partnered removalist teams, still the movers Burwood provide a standard insurance policy for all the removals. You may still need reassurance. Take top-up insurance from MOVEE, and simply put yourself at ease. No need to look further, book online now with us!


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Cost of Local Burwood Removalists

The moving time of one bedroom is roughly 3-4 hours in Burwood. Two men and a truck in the suburb cost around $60 – $70 per half an hour, thereafter, the average cost of the same comes to $500 approximately.

We aim to bring moving solutions in Burwood at competitive price. We quote you only for what you need. Save money with us and enjoy moving without a hole in your pocket.

About Burwood

About the Suburb – Burwood VIC

Burwood is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. It lies 14 km east of Melbourne’s CBD. With a recorded population close to 16,000, Burwood enjoys the enormous buildings built along Burwood Highway which are the most noticeable elements of the Burwood landscape.

Riversdale Road, Middleborough Road, and Warrigal Road are the boundaries of Burwood on the north, east, and west, respectively. At Carlyle and Zodiac Streets is where the southern boundary begins.

About the Suburb – Burwood NSW

Rested 10 km west of the Central Business District, Burwood is an inner suburb of Sydney. It serves as the administrative hub for the Municipality of Burwood’s local government region. Burwoodiens or Burwooders are the terms used informally to refer to people from Burwood.

Why Choose Us As Your Removalist Booking Partner in Burwood

Removals Services in Burwood

MOVEE understands that moving can be a challenging job and needs lots of effort. That’s why we organised complete moving services in a single package to handle all your worries. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Reliable: We find reliable and trusted local moving companies for your moving job. Our experts make sure your move goes smoothly without any issues.
  • Saves Time: Our experts find quick and efficient Burwood removalists, who work more in less time. So your items will be moved into your new place before your expectations.
  • Affordable: With us, you get cheap moving deals without compromising service quality. Our experts ensure you experience quality service within your budget.
  • Hassle-Free: From start to end, our experts are always with you, making everything smooth and simple.  Just sit back and relax, we take the stress out of moving.
  • Flexible Hours: Our listed movers provide flexible moving schedules to fit your time. Our experts are here to help you move when you get free, even after hours or on weekends.
  • Customer Support: Our friendly customer support is always here to clear your doubts. They’re just a call away to assist with any concerns you have.


Book your movers with MOVEE, and experience a smooth, efficient, and stress-free move. We are not just a removalist booking platform; we are your moving partner. Let’s complete your next move, the perfect one yet!

How does Movee Work?

To find you matchless movers Burwood

Now, you don’t have to spend hours on contacting and comparing multiple removalist companies in Burwood, as we do all that for you. Just tell us what you need, and we will do all the hard work to find you trusted local Burwood removalists to make your moving day hassle-free.

  1. Let us know what are you moving
    To start, we need some basic details about your move, including your name, phone number, pick up and drop location and the amount of furniture you want to move. This information helps us plan the most suitable way to move your things.
  2. Include added services
    We don’t stop moving; we provide additional service, too. We can also provide cleaning services if you want to clean your place before or after the move. Then, we can find reliable electricity and gas providers according to your budget.
  3. MOVEE finds your Ideal match
    Once we have your details, we will find the finnest moving company as per your moving requirements. We’ll compare multiple movers and pick the right one that fits your moving needs.
  4. Relax and Let Us Handle It
    After you’ve booked with us, you can relax. We handle the moving process from start to finish. You can trust that we will move your belongings safely and professionally.

Explore Our Removals Services in Burwood

To simplify the moving process for our customers

MOVEE helps you find the right movers to move your belongings in Burwood. We will find a good and reliable local mover who handles every step of your move. We work with lots of moving companies in Burwood, so we can help you whether you are moving locally or a long way.

Our experts will make sure your things are undamaged and your move goes smoothly. We can help you with everything from packing to unpacking, Re-arranging, cleaning and energy connections. Explore our range of moving services:

Cheap House removals in Burwood

House Removalists Services

Our partnered house removalist companies in Burwood help you move your things to your new home in a professional way. Their team of skilled Removalists Burwood takes care of everything quickly and safely. The movers can pack, load, move, and unload your things as part of our services. They make sure that your furniture, tools, and other things are packed well and moved to your new home without getting broken.

House removalists

Professional Office Removalists Burwood

Office Removalists Services

MOVEE makes it simple to book expert office movers in Burwood. Our listed movers are skilled at carefully packing and moving your office things, like furniture, desks and important documents. Not just moving, our listed movers can re-arrange your things to your favoured place. To make your office move easier, we provide moving services that are reliable, quick, and affordable.

Office removalists

Best Packer and movers team in Burwood

Packers and Movers Burwood

Packing is important in moving because it protects your things while transporting. Our listed movers use high-quality materials and tools to pack your items. While transporting, our movers placed with heavy moving blanket to make it secure and safe. We make sure everything is moved safely and arrives on time. We are really careful with your things, whether you are moving a short or long distance.

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Best local and interstate removalists in Burwood

Local & Interstate Removalists Services

We find you the finnest movers in Burwood for both local and interstate moves. Our local movers move your stuff safely and quickly for short distances. Our movers, for longer moves take special care to make sure everything gets to its new home without any damage. They know how to handle all the paperwork needed for on-time delivery. MOVEE makes the whole moving process easy and straightforward.

Interstate removalists

Energy and Cleaning Services in Burwood

Cleaning Services

When you move to a new place, cleaning is a common service that people take additionally. If you want to clean your old place after you move out or your new space before you reach there, we help you with any situation. Our partnered cleaners take care of all aspects of cleaning, making sure everything is clean and healthy, whether it’s a home or a business. We provide professional cleaners for every situation, whether you need a deep clean or a simple wash. Get a clean and hygienic start for your new place.

Furniture removalists

Energy services

Energy Services

Energy connection services in Burwood are designed to help you keep your home or office energy-efficient. In contrast, our energy connection team can help you set up and optimize your energy sources for efficiency. We believe in providing sustainable solutions for both you and the environment.

The Movee Edge!

Movee has a strong and technically advanced customer support system. Our smart app keeps our customers updated about every single thing they want to know regarding their move. Just log in and let us know your query. Our team provides you with all the support you need from booking to final delivery of the services.

Sound technology and a dedicated customer services team are our strong arms, with whom, Movee always gives you an edge in your removals when compared to other service providers.

What Our Customers Say?

Ron James
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Mustafa and his moving team were wonderful and did an amazing move while moving my furniture. Their efficiency and attention to detail were great. They are definitely better than our expectations!
Prachi Mishra
Read More
They were recommended to me by a colleague. When I booked I was unaware there was a 2 hour window and would have booked my move earlier in the day. I was impressed how well they packed the truck and as normal it was quicker to unpack. Overall it was a lovely experience and I would recommend them for your next move.
Wendy Lange
Read More
We moved interstate last December. Sam and Vlad are great Burwood Removalists. They took away all the stress and everything moved safely without a scratch. Even my special pinball machine which was heavy and a sensitive item made the safe journey.
Arsalan A.
Read More
It was a very nice experience. The boys Movee sent were punctual and courteous. I would recommend them for the future as well. Best Burwood NSW removalists. I am happy to hire cheap removalists burwood.
Read More
We had a smooth move with Movee. The move was for a short distance from a big shop to an office. The truck was fully loaded and the two men from the removalist team were very professional. I was very happy with their service.
Read More
We had to do an apartment move. Movers were very professional and fast. They were very helpful too. I would surely recommend them. Good relocation services in burwood.
Read More
It was a perfect move. The 2 guy that turned up did the job of 4 men with a smile on their face the entire time.
Read More
The movers were very friendly and happy to do a few extra things for me. They did everything with a big smile!! They were on time and prepared nicely to move. It was a small apartment. The move was quick and efficient.
Read More
The guys were efficient. They were able to manage our move from our holy house into a storage facility skilfully. I highly recommend them. I think Burwood best rated removalists service.
Read More
We experienced a good move with Movee booking platform. It was a 2 bedroom unit to be relocated. All went smoothly. The guys were friendly and efficient.
Read More
The team Movee is very efficient! I would use their services again. The movers moved from a 2 story, 3 bedroom town house to a single story which was 10 minutes away. The place had very steep stairs but everything was moved and unloaded to our new house in 4 hours. I am happy to work with cheap removalists burwood today.

Once the removalist is assigned for your job, you can directly take the packing material from them with additional cost. Else, there are numerous options available online to order the same.

Yes, all our prices are GST-inclusive.

You can discuss the same with your removalists. Some might move pot plants, whereas others might not. Storing plants is not suggested if you are moving your belongings into storage.

Yes, we have the best on-road service partners in Australia for your interstate movement. Consisting of various trucks, they are always ready to safely move you and your essential belongings from one place to another.

The standard service does not include disassembling and reassembling. Though it can be easily added if you ask for it.

No, the removalists provide exclusive trucks for your removals.

A 5-star rating always looks tempting and is a great way to select a removalist for your job. But considering the nature of the removals industry, things are bound to go wrong sometimes.

The truck aligned for the job might break down, or any item in the box may accidentally get damaged. Sadly, accidents happen, and such incidents hardly get a perfect rating. Hence, a 4.5-star rating is often considered as good as a 5-star rating.

We can’t say that genuine 5-star rating companies do not exist; they do, and we also have some on our platform. But they are rare, and opting for a 4.5-star rated one or plus is an excellent option.

We send you the quote by an e-mail as well as explain you over the call.