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Get efficient cleaning services with us at Movee easily. Now you need not scroll through multiple options to get yourself a best-fit company who can clean up your place thoroughly.

It is important to ensure that your new residence or workplace is properly cleaned before you settle down. Though moving to a new setting can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming due to the work that is needed to be taken care of.

We, at Movee, want you to enjoy the good part of your move and leave the hassle to us. We get you aligned with a professional cleaning company which can take care of all the cleaning work.

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Various kinds of cleaning services:

Like any other aspect of life, we all have different needs for cleaning as well. Some common types of services for cleaning are as follows:

  • Move-in cleaning – These services are designed to prep up the new place for new occupants who are expected to move-in. It generally includes deep cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces. It may also have carpet cleaning and window cleaning covered in it.
  • Move-out cleaning – It is similar to move-in cleaning apart from the fact that it is done when the occupants have left the place. It might also involve disposing off the trash, if any.
  • Residential cleaning – It is focussed on cleaning homes and apartments. Basic cleaning jobs like vacuuming, mopping floors, dusting as well as specialised services like deep cleaning are there in it. You can choose what you want for yourself.
  • Commercial cleaning – This kind of cleaning is usually needed on a recurring basis. It involves cleaning offices, retail outlets and other commercial spaces. Some corporations book them well in advance on a pre-decided schedule.
  • Deep cleaning – A thorough and intensive cleaning of space that is usually ignored in a day-to-day life, is done in deep cleaning. Areas like hidden corners in the room, bathroom, kitchen appliances, inside cabinets and drawers are well-cleaned in a deep cleaning process.


Depending on your requirements, you may select what will best fit-in for you. Or, simply share your cleaning needs with us and we align a suitable cleaner with you at no extra cost. Click on the ‘Get A Quote’ button or call us now to enjoy hassle-free cleaning services.

Our customer care team will be more than happy to take in all your cleaning details. Then, our specialists will search for a suitable company that can meet your needs. And, you will be aligned to the service provider which can cater to your demands efficiently.

Have a customisable cleaning package with you without the hassle of going through multiple options and comparing innumerable plans. Get competent cleaning services with Movee right away and put yourself at ease.