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Moving between states from Sydney? Movee makes it easy and stress-free. We match you with the best-fit interstate removalists in Sydney for smooth long moves. Our experienced movers pack up, load, move, unload, and unpack your stuff carefully. They use good materials and packing methods to keep your things safe while transporting.

Our movers take the fastest routes to minimise time on Sydney interstate moves. With many years of experience, our removalists give you fast, reliable interstate moving experience. We check that our interstate movers are top quality to guarantee 5-star service. Get a free quote today and let the experts handle your interstate move completely!

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Affordable Interstate Removalists Sydney

Moving interstate from Sydney can get really expensive without affordable Removalists. But Movee connects you with top-rated interstate removalist company in Sydney that offer budget-friendly rates. Our professional movers pack, load, move, unload and unpack your things in a way that saves you money. We use space-saving packing and take the fastest routes to keep costs low. Our transparent pricing means no surprise fees later.

With many years of experience, our interstate movers make sure your move is safe and smooth. For affordable interstate removal services, pick Movee. We check all movers to ensure quality service at reasonable prices. Trust us for a stress-free interstate relocation that’s easy on your wallet. Moving out of state doesn’t have to be costly!

Cost of Sydney Interstate Removalist

The cost of interstate removalists Sydney depends on various factors like distance travelled, amount of items, accessibility, and additional services such as packing or storage. Prices can vary widely, with some companies charging per hour and others providing a fixed quote.

The average job price is around $1,350, and the average space per job is around 9 cubic meters, so the average cost per cubic meter is about $150.

About Sydney, NSW

Sydney is a big, beautiful city in Australia. It’s in a state called New South Wales (NSW). Sydney is famous for its stunning harbour, with a famous bridge called the Sydney Harbour Bridge and an interesting building that looks like white sails called the Sydney Opera House.

Lots of people live in and visit Sydney because there’s so much to see and do! From beautiful beaches to fun zoos, there’s always something happening. Plus, it’s a city with a mix of cultures so you can find yummy food worldwide. It’s a fantastic place to explore!

Looking For Skilled Interstate Removals?

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We have helped many customers move successfully at home and the office. Moving interstate has a lot of challenges, but not if you use Movee to book your move. There are many benefits to booking your Sydney interstate removalists with Movee.

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Our Interstate Removalist Services

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With years of experience, we can help our customers to move interstate, like from Sydney to other states. Whether you need a Sydney interstate removal company, Movee makes moving easy and fun. Please choose a service that fits your needs from our list.

Cheap and best Interstate Removalists Sydney
House Removalists Services

Our Sydney interstate House Removalists professionally move your stuff when you want to move to a new home. They pack your house belongings like furniture, sofas, beds, books, and even the TV, load them into trucks, and then take them to your new house. Once there, they unpack everything and place them where you want. We make relocating easy and stress-free. Suppose you’re moving from Sydney to Adelaide or other states. In that case, Our experts ensure your belongings are safely and quickly moved to your new place.

Best interstate office removals Sydney
Office Removalists Services

Our interstate Office Removalists in Sydney are like your ideal office movers. We move office belongings like desks, chairs, computers, and everything you see in an office. When a business or office wants to move to a new area, Our Sydney office removalists pack everything properly, put them in their moving trucks, and move them to your new location. Then, they set everything up just like before or even better! So, if a company in Sydney needs to relocate, Our professional interstate removalists in Sydney make it easy and organised.

Professional interstate Furniture movers Sydney
Furniture Moving Services

Our interstate Furniture Removalists help you to move your furniture hassle-free. Suppose you have a heavy sofa, bed and other furniture that’s too big to relocate. Our movers come in with tools and skills to pick it up and move it for you. They make sure none of your furniture gets scratched or broken. Suppose you’re relocating interstate your house and worried about moving your big tables, chairs, and wardrobes. In that case, our interstate furniture removals will do it all. We pack, lift, and set up your furniture in your new place as you like.

interstate packing and unpacking service in Sydney
Packing and Unpacking service

Packing up and unpacking can be stressful while you are moving interstate. But with Movee, you don’t have to worry about any of that! Our interstate removalists will do all the packing for you. Our packers use high-quality packing materials, moving boxes, and wraps to keep your stuff safe. They carefully take apart furniture, wrap delicate items, and efficiently load everything into their moving truck. When you get to your new home, we do the unpacking too. We assemble your furniture, unpack all the boxes, and clean up any mess. Our interstate movers are experts at handling your belongings with care.

best and affordable cleaning services in Sydney
Before or After Cleaning Services

Moving makes your old and new homes messy. But Movee Professional cleaners clean up before and after you move! Before you move out, we scrub floors, counters, and appliances. So your old home is super clean for the following people. After you move in, we clean your new place from top to bottom. We wash floors, kitchens, and bathrooms to make them sparkling clean. Our friendly cleaners use green products that work great. Let Movee handle the tough cleaning when you move. We’ll leave every room nice and clean! Then you can enjoy your spotless new place.

Top Energy services in Sydney for interstate move
Energy Services

Getting a new energy connection can be challenging. But not with Movee! Our experts find the cheapest electricity and gas for your home. We’ll switch you to the company with the lowest rates in your area. We can also connect your home to the energy grid. This makes getting electricity and gas service quick and easy. With Movee, getting affordable, clean energy is super easy. We work hard to find the best deals and change your service. Now money saving on your energy bills is easy with our help! Call Movee today for cheaper gas, electricity, and new energy connections.

How Does Movee Work?


Many people have used Movee to move their houses or offices interstate. Moving can be challenging, but not with Movee. When you book removalists from us, moving becomes simple and manageable. With Movee, you don’t have to worry about every step. Choose Movee for your next move! We make sure everything goes well from start to end.

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We offer best-in-class customer support. Our smart technology keeps our customers updated on everything about their move. Our helpful team will give you all the support you need, from booking to moving your stuff. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Our excellent technology and dedicated customer service team give Movee an advantage over other companies. We will keep you informed on all the details from start to finish. Our great tools and people make Movee the best choice for your move!

The Movee Edge
Our Customer Reviews
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I moved my stuff from Sydney to Melbourne using Movee Removalists. It went really well. They kept me updated with messages, and the person who brought the box was nice and helpful.
Kane Maloney
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I used movee to move from Sydney to Perth. I put all my things in fast, and they brought them to Melbourne just when I wanted. Also, their storage facilities are great. All my things looked the same as when I put them in, a well-recommended moving company.
Anthony Ridgway
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We moved our stuff from a 3-bedroom house in Sydney to Melbourne using two removalists from movee. They brought the boxes on time, and I could see where they were on a link. It gave me peace of mind. The people helping were really good from start to end.
Annette Seeliger
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I moved stuff from a big house in Sydney to Melbourne. I used Movee because my new place was smaller. I kept my things in storage for a while, and when I took them out, they were still in good shape. The people at Movee were really helpful. I think they're one of the best interstate removalists sydney.

FAQ's - Interstate Removals

Costs can vary based on how much stuff you have and where you’re moving to. It’s always a good idea to get a quote first.

Some removalists include basic insurance, but others might offer it as an add-on. Always check beforehand.

It depends on the distance and the route, but moving from Sydney to another state can take a few days.

Some removalists offer a ‘backloading’ service. This means they can move your items at a lower cost if they have extra space in their truck.

Many interstate removalists in Sydney offer packing and unpacking as additional services. Always ask when booking.

Some companies can help with moving pets, but others might need help. It’s important to ask and, if required, find a specialised pet relocation service.