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MOVEE’s hand-picked removalists Liverpool will help you to move to your new place. We are your one-stop solution for all your moving needs. You tell us about your move, and we will find the ideal mover for your needs.

We sent you a customised moving quote offering quality service at an affordable price. You don’t need to review many options without understanding which ones are reliable and valuable. Get a Free Quote or call us to book a reliable removalist in Liverpool.

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Removalists in Liverpool?

The charge for Liverpool Removalists with two men and a truck is around $64-$85 every half an hour. Considering that the moving time of 1 bedroom is 3-4 hours, the standard cost will come to nearly $570.
Liverpool removalists team of two men and a truck in usually charges between $60 to $80 per half-hour. This cost can vary depending on furniture quantity, distance of your move, and any additional services you might need.

To get a clear and detailed idea of your moving expenses, get a free removal quote from us. Simply give us your moving details, and our team quickly provide you a personalised moving quote.

Furniture Removalists - Move with Us

We Simplifying Your Furniture Removal Process

Are you looking for reliable and skilled furniture removalists Liverpool? Our listed movers are the most ideal furniture removalists in the city. You can be sure your most important belongings will be treated with utmost care.

All types of furniture, from fragile antiques to big chairs and everything in between, can be expertly moved by our Liverpool removalists. Our skilled removalists will carefully pack your furniture, making sure that each piece is well protected durning the move.

Our Liverpool removalists will quickly set up your furniture in your new home. We put efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction first, which means your move will go smoothly and won’t cause you any worry.

So, why would you settle for less? Fill out our quote form right now and tell us about your furniture moving needs.

About Liverpool City

Talking briefly, Liverpool, one of Australia’s oldest urban colonies, was founded in 1810. Located 31 km (approx.) southwest of the Sydney Central Business District. Liverpool is a suburb of Greater Western Sydney in the state of NSW, Australia. With an estimated population of over 136,000, Liverpool is a major agricultural and transportation centre.

Liverpool is a reasonable choice for people looking to buy a house or an apartment. It’s more reasonable than different regions around Sydney. However, it actually has a lot of different housing options. The city continually extends and improves, with great transportation to reach Sydney’s city centre.

Why Choose MOVEE as your Removalist Booking Partner

Efficient and Professional Movers Liverpool: Your Relocation Experts

MOVEE understands that moving can be a challenging job and needs lots of effort. That’s why we organised complete moving services in a single package to handle all your worries. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Reliable: We find reliable and trusted local moving companies for your moving job. Our expert Furniture removalists make sure your move goes smoothly without any issues.
  • Saves Time: Our experts find quick and efficient movers, who work more in less time. So your items will be moved into your new place before your expectations.
  • Affordable: With us, you get cheap moving deals without compromising service quality. Our experts ensure you experience quality service within your budget.
  • Hassle-Free: From start to end, our experts are always with you, making everything smooth and hassle-free. Just sit back and relax, we take the stress out of moving.
  • Flexible Hours: Our listed movers provide flexible moving schedules to fit your time. Our experts are here to help you move when you get free, even after hours or on weekends.
  • Customer Support: Our friendly customer support is always here to clear your doubts. They’re just a call away to assist with any concerns you have.

Book your movers with MOVEE, and experience a smooth, efficient, and stress-free move. We are not just a removalist booking platform; we are your moving partner. Let’s complete your next move, the most suitable one yet!

How Does We Work For Your Removalists Job


Start your moving journey with MOVEE by providing your specific moving needs in our simple online form. We’ll work hard to find professional removalists that best – fit your requirements. Then we sent you customised quotes for your move. Start your move with a few simple steps!


  1. Let Us Know What Are You Moving
    To start, we need some basic details about your move, including your name, phone number, pick up and drop location and the amount of furniture you want to move. This information helps us plan the Optimal way to move your things.
  2. MOVEE Finds Your ideal Match
    Once we have your details, we will find one of the best – fitted local moving companies as per your moving requirements. We’ll compare multiple movers and send you a customised moving quote that fits your moving needs.
  3. Include Added Services
    We are not just a moving service provider, we provide a complete package. Like cleaning services if you want to clean your place before or after the move. We can find reliable electricity and gas providers for your new location according to your budget.
  4. Relax and Let Us Handle
    When you finish the booking process, our team handle the rest. From Beginning to end, our customer service associates with you to make your move easy and simple. You can believe us, we will move your things securely and efficiently.

Our Range of Moving Services in Liverpool

MOVEE provides a complete moving solution with a stress-free relocation service in Liverpool. If you want to move your home, apartment or office, our listed movers will pack, transport, and deliver your things carefully.

Whether you want to move locally or interstate, we find one of the Most fitting movers for every condition. We also offer cleaning and energy solutions to make your move simple and efficient. Explore our wide range of removalists services:

Best House removals Liverpool

Home Relocation Services

Our listed house moving companies in Liverpool efficiently move your things to your new home. Their movers list your all things and pack them quickly and securely. After that, they load them onto their moving truck and carefully transport them to your new house. They ensure that your furniture and other things are unloaded well and set in your new home without any damage.

Professional Office Removalists Liverpool

Office Moving Services

MOVEE makes it easy to find and book expert office movers in Liverpool. Our partner Furniture removalists are experts at moving your office items, like furniture, desks and important documents. Not just only moving, our listed movers can re-arrange your items to your preferred place. They provide reliable, quick, and budget-friendly office moving services to make your office move simpler.

Cheap Packer and movers team in Liverpool

Packers and Movers Liverpool

Packing is vital while moving because it protects your things while transportation. Our listed movers use excellent packing materials and modern tools while packing your things. While shipping, our movers are covered your items with thick moving blankets to make them secure and safe. We assure everything is moved safely and delivered on time. We are truly careful of your things, whether you are moving a short or long distance.

Best local and interstate removalists in Liverpool

Local & Interstate Removalists

We finds you the Most suitable movers in Liverpool for both local and interstate moves. Our partnered local movers move your stuff safely and quickly for short distances. For interstate moves, they take special care to make sure everything gets to its new place without any damage. They know how to handle all the paperwork needed for on-time delivery. MOVEE makes the whole moving process easy and straightforward.

Professional Cleaning services Liverpool

Cleaning Services

Our team of furniture removalists Liverpool is great at moving furniture! We take care of your stuff, whether for your home or office. We take your furniture apart, pack it, move it, and put it back together, all without breaking anything. Plus, we can move when it’s best for you. We’re fast, reliable, and make moving easy. Call us to help you with your move!

We provide professional cleaners for every situation, whether you need a deep clean or a simple wash.

Energy and Cleaning Services in Liverpool

Energy Services

Selecting the right electricity and gas plan can be challenging. If you pick the wrong one, you can lose your heard earn money every month. We make it easy to find reliable and affordable energy plans. Our team compares the top deals and lets you save money on electricity and gas bills. We connected you with reliable energy service providers in Liverpool who offer good energy services.

The MOVEE Edge!

Movee has a strong and technically advanced customer support system. Our smart app keeps our customers updated about every single thing they want to know regarding their move. Just log in and let us know your query; our team provides you with all the support you need, from booking to final delivery of the services.

Latest technology and a dedicated customer services team are our strong arms, with whom, Movee always gives you an edge in your removals compared to other service providers.

Customer Reviews

Alyson S.
Read More
Happy with job Movers were fantastic with moving furniture from a first floor apartment to a house. Fast and efficient. Turned up on time and were finished faster than expected. Thanks again for your hard work. Great removals company.
Read More
The best removalists I have ever used!!! I moved from Sutherland Shire to Central Coast 2 x bedroom apartment 7 am - 12 noon Removalists were professional and treated my belongings with care so that they were not damaged.The truck was new and very clean looking inside Very good communication. Would definitely use them again in the future. No hidden fees. Affordable moving company in Liverpool.
Read More
Easy and efficient The movers were excellent. They arrived on time and worked very skilfully and efficiently. They were very respectful and smoothly move our precious furniture. They were clean and very careful moving through the house.
Read More
Perfect move 2 bedroom house to another two bedroom house. Short move. The move was in correct time. There was no dramas in the move . It was raining and the move continued. Great service.
Alex Gibbons
Read More
Move to Liverpool, the movers and the staff member were gentle, and it was over a short - medium distance, and the movers were gentle with the move. Overall it was a good experience, and I would recommend
Read More
Easy Move Happy with Moved service. The movers were very friendly and helpful. I took more items than originally intended. They were very efficient and reasonable. Helped me undo the washing machine hose and assemble my bed. Good for interstate move.
Marianna T.
Read More
Excellent service by the Movee Removalists team. Short but complicated move across 3 properties in the same suburb. The guys were excellent, arrived early, and took all the challenges(i.e., the lift not working) in their stride! excellent moving company in Liverpool.
Read More
Fantastic! Hard-working men Moving a 4 bedroom house. We rebooked another truck as the first lot was terrible, and we still had a lot more furniture to move. Very different story with the second 2 that came on Monday, 23/5. Shanki and Lucky were terrific and very hard-working. Took great care to ensure everything was covered and secured, was very polite and friendly, and showed up with the right-sized truck. It was a big move, and they did a great job! They are good for home or office move.

Frequently Asked Questions - Removals Liverpool

In Liverpool, you can find packing materials from various sources. Here are a few options:

  • Removalist Companies
  • Office Supply Stores
  • Storage Facilities
  • Home Improvement Stores
  • Online Retailers

It is not required. However, We recommend it for the extra safety of your valuables. Moving insurance is affordable and covers your losses if something unexpected happens.

Yes, our partners are committed to provide on time service and maintain the schedule. Our moving partners in Liverpool work hard to ensure that your move is complete on schedule. They always carefully plan to make sure that everything arrives on time for you because we know that being on time is very important when you are moving.

No, the confirmation is sent via email as well as digitally. Our plan is to do the legwork for you and complete the task from the convenience of your own place.

No. Movee will provide you with a suitable removalists in Amardale. The packing and unpacking service will be provided by the removalist team. If you require these services, pls let us know at the time of booking. We will ensure that a suitable removalist is provided to you so that all your packing and unpacking needs are fulfilled.

If you have the original TV box, we recommend you to pack your TV in it. If you don’t have the same, the movers will use moving blankets to cover it.

Furniture sweats if it is already damp. This is why our partnered movers usually wrap them in removal blankets. However, if the furniture is dry, they may use plastic specially designed for removals.

To find the cheapest removalists in Liverpool, it is recommended to reach out to multiple removalist companies directly and request a quote based on your specific moving needs. By comparing quotes from different companies, you can get an idea of the approximate cost and choose the option that fits your budget.

Keep in mind that while it’s important to consider price, it’s equally important to assess the reputation, reliability, and quality of service provided by the removalists to ensure a smooth and successful move.