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MOVEE is your one-stop solution for efficient and reliable Malvern East removalists. As a well-known removalist booking platform, we analyse top local movers to find the ideal one. Send us your moving details, we quickly send you a customised moving quote.

Once you finalise the quote, our moving partners handle the rest of your move. Additionally, we offer cleaning services and energy solutions to make a complete package of your move. Book online now and experience an easy and stress-free move with us.

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Professional and Cheap Furniture Removalists Malvern East

MOVEE simplifies your furniture moving experience by connecting you with a professional, skilled furniture removalist in Malvern East. Whether a large couch or a delicate antique, we know the importance of protecting your furniture. You’ll find professionals with the latest tools and techniques to ensure a damage-free move through our platform.

Why spend hours searching for the perfect moving service when MOVEE can do it for you? We bring together the finest in the business, ensuring a seamless door-to-door moving experience. Our goal is not just to facilitate a move but to provide you with peace of mind throughout the process.

Each moving company partnered with MOVEE follows a unique packing system, using specialized boxes and packing materials designed for maximum protection. These movers understand the importance of safeguarding your possessions, using strong steel containers during transit, and offering secure storage solutions.

At MOVEE, we make your relocation journey stress-free. Trust us to connect you with your ideal Removalists Malvern East who treat your belongings as their own. For a cost-effective professional, reliable removalist and moving service in Malvern East, VIC.


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Cost of Local Malvern East Removalists

The cost of two men and a truck in Malvern East costs around $60 – $82 every half an hour. The moving time of one bedroom is approximately 3 – 4 hours. The average cost of the same will come to $562 approximately.

Whether you are moving home or office, our furniture removalists in Malvern East provide services in the area at a competitive price. Go for hassle-free furniture removal in Malvern East now for your upcoming move from Malvern.

About Malvern East

Malvern East is one of the busy suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. It is situated in the eastern part of Melbourne city. Malvern East is well known for being busy with business and shopping malls. It has many shopping malls and top-notch boutiques to make it more popular.

Malvern East has many well-known schools, such as Malvern East Grammar School and Malvern East Girls Grammar School. The suburb has many tram stops and train stations, making it easy to bring into the city. Overall, Malvern East is a wonderful place to live because it has a suitable mix of city conveniences and suburban charm.

Why Choose MOVEE as Your Removalist Booking Partner


MOVEE understands that moving can be a challenging job and needs lots of effort. That’s why we organised complete moving services in a single package to handle all your worries. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Reliable: We find reliable and trusted local moving companies for your moving job. Our experts make sure your move goes smoothly without any issues.
  • Saves Time: Our experts find quick and efficient movers, who work more in less time. So your items will be moved into your new place before your expectations.
  • Affordable: With us, you get cheap moving deals without compromising service quality. Our experts ensure you experience quality service within your budget.
  • Hassle-Free: From start to end, our experts are always with you, making everything smooth and hassle-free. Just sit back and relax, we take the stress out of moving.
  • Flexible Hours: Our listed movers provide flexible moving schedules to fit your time. Our experts are here to help you move when you get free, even after hours or on weekends.
  • Customer Support: Our friendly customer support is always here to clear your doubts. They’re just a call away to assist with any concerns you have.

Book your Malvern East removalists with MOVEE, and experience a smooth, efficient, and stress-free move. We are not just a removalist booking platform; we are your moving partner. Let’s complete your next move, the finest one yet!

How does MOVEE Work?


Now, you don’t have to spend hours on contacting and comparing multiple removalist companies in Malvern East, as we do all that for you. Just tell us what you need, and we will do all the hard work to find you trusted, local removalists to make your moving day stress free.

  1. Let us know what are you moving
    To start, we need some basic details about your move, including your name, phone number, pick up and drop location and the amount of furniture you want to move. This information helps us plan the most suitable way to move your things.
  2. Include added services
    We don’t stop moving; we provide additional service, too. We can also provide cleaning services if you want to clean your place before or after the move. Then, we can find reliable electricity and gas providers according to your budget.
  3. MOVEE finds your Ideal match
    Once we have your details, we will find the finest removalists Malvern East as per your moving requirements. We’ll analyze multiple movers and pick the right one that fits your moving needs.
  4. Relax and Let Us Handle It
    After you’ve booked with us, you can relax. We handle the moving process from start to finish. You can trust that we will move your belongings safely and professionally.

Our Removalist Services in Malvern East

To simplify the moving process for our customers

Movee is always available to provide the right movers for your move in Malvern East. Our team finds a good and reliable local mover who handles every step of your move. Whether if you’re moving locally or far away, our partnered moving companies fulfils all your needs. Explore our range of moving services:

Removalists Malvern East - two men with their truck for the moving job in Malvern East
  1. Home Moving Services: Our partnered movers carefully pack and move your stuff to your new house. They make sure everything gets there safely.
  2. Office Moving Services: Our listed Malvern East removalists are good at moving office stuff. They make it quick, reliable, and affordable for relocations.
  3. Packers and Movers Malvern East : Our listed movers pack your things well to protect them during the move. They use quality materials and tools to make sure your items reach safely and on time.
  4. Local & Interstate Relocation Service: Our partnered movers are experienced in both short and long distance moves, handling paperwork carefully and making it easy and simple.
  5. Cleaning Services: Our listed cleaners offer cleaning for your old or new place, ensuring everything is clean and healthy, suited for homes or businesses.
  6. Energy Services: Our team assists you in selecting affordable and reliable electricity and gas plans to save money on energy bills.

We connect you with the most promising moving company that offers quality services to make your move smooth and stress-free.

The MOVEE Edge!

Movee has a robust customer service system that is also very technologically advanced. Our innovative app tells our customers everything they need to know about their move at any time. Just log in and tell us what you want to know.

Our team will help you with everything you need, from making a reservation to getting the services done. With the latest technology and a dedicated customer service team, Movee always gives you an edge over other service providers when it comes to your move.

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Customer Reviews

Jennifer Logan
Read More
Best value removalists Malvern East. The guys, Adam and Waseem, were really nice and easy going. Our move was an interstate move (within 100 km). We didn't know all the specifics of the move. Other companies quoted us over twice as much. They provide a great moving experience overall. Highly recommended.
Tracey Walker
Read More
Amazing and professional service. I highly recommend Nick and Maeler. They helped us move the house today, and they were simply amazing. They arrive on time, start quickly and both of them are extremely helpful during the move.
Frenshow Paul
Read More
Best movers ever! Many thanks to the incredible Mike, Rick, Soni and Tom for our 3-stage move - from house to house, house to storage, and house to regional NSW. It was a dream run, nothing too much trouble, and great care taken on that very steep staircase. And the last items got on their inter-city truck within a few days - just brilliant. Thank you all - the best movers ever!
Angelé Mcgonigal
Read More
Amazing service. Both gentlemen were pleasant to work with and got the job done quickly. They looked after my stuff and safely brought it to my new house with my big table moves. Thank you so much
William Powley
Read More
Sybil and Gabriel from Kavera Transport did a great job. This job was given to them by Movee via booking online. Kavera Transport, their partnered removing company took care of all the big things in our house. They took all the sofas, beds, cabinets, Pool table, mattresses, fridge, and washing machine and set them up in our new house in less than 3.5 hours.
Suzanne Duce
Read More
Arrived at the agreed time, were great to deal with and handled everything with care while loading and unloading, one of the best removals services I ever use.
Fadi Souda
Read More
Best movers, quick and hard working. Thanks to Fahad and Milad for their great work. We move during a pandemic, and they did the job well; I highly recommend it.

FAQs - Removals Malvern East

Yes, the minimum booking unit is 2 hours. It takes 3-4 hours on an average for even a one bedroom move. We take jobs a little smaller than that as well. Though they must be at least 2 hours.

Yes, we have the best on-road service partners in Australia for your interstate movement. Consisting of various trucks, they are always ready to safely move you and your essential belongings from one place to another.

No. Movee will provide you with a suitable removalists in Amardale. The packing and unpacking service will be provided by the removalist team. If you require these services, pls let us know at the time of booking. We will ensure that a suitable removalist is provided to you so that all your packing and unpacking needs are fulfilled.

You can discuss the same with your removalists. Some might move pot plants, whereas others might not. Storing plants is not suggested if you are moving your belongings into storage.

We take a partial amount at the time of the booking. And the final payment will be made post the delivery of your job.

No, the confirmation is also done digitally via mail. Our idea is to save you from the legwork and give you the job done from the comfort of your home.

The standard service does not include disassembling and reassembling. Though it can be easily added if you ask for it.

A 5-star rating always looks tempting and is a great way to select a removalist for your job. But considering the nature of the removals industry, things are bound to go wrong sometimes.

The truck aligned for the job might break down, or any item in the box may accidentally get damaged. Sadly, accidents happen, and such incidents hardly get a perfect rating. Hence, a 4.5-star rating is often considered as good as a 5-star rating.

We can’t say that genuine 5-star rating companies do not exist; they do, and we also have some on our platform. But they are rare, and opting for a 4.5-star rated one or plus is an excellent option.

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