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MOVEE is your all-rounder removalist booking platform in Sydney. Share your moving details, and get reliable furniture removalists Sydney at affordable prices.

Our partner movers are skilled in furniture moving. They carefully list your furniture to plan the best way to move each piece. They protect your items by using high-quality packing materials like bubble wrap and strong cardboard boxes. Our listed movers always make sure your furniture is secure during transportation.

They are skilled in disassembling and reassembling furniture to move your larger items easily. They have the right equipment to lift and load everything onto the moving truck. During the move, your furniture is placed with a heavy moving blanket to prevent scratches and damage.

Once they reach your new place, they unload and place your furniture as you prefer. They handle everything carefully, making sure your furniture arrives in perfect condition. Whether it’s a short move or a long one, We provide complete moving solutions in Sydney for your specific needs.

How Much Do Removalists Charge Per Hour in Sydney?

The removalists Sydney cost around $99-$160 per per hour for two men and a truck. Taking into account that the moving time of 1 bedroom is 3-4 hours, the average cost of the same will come to $500 approximately.

Whether moving an apartment, a 3-bedroom house, or an office, We’ll analyse your moving requirement to customise a price estimate for your move. There are no hidden fees or surprises later on. So don’t worry about booking your removalists from Movee and keep more money in your pocket. Call or get a free quote today for a customised competitive quote from our experts.

Smart City Sydney in Australia

About Sydney - The Legend City

Sydney is the biggest city in New South Wales, Australia. It is a vibrant and bustling city known for its stunning harbour and its world-famous Opera House. It’s on the east coast of Australia and is the state capital of New South Wales.

Sydney has a rich history, starting as a British colony in 1788. It has grown into a major global city with a mix of old and new buildings. The city’s roads are busy, connecting nearby cities and leading to famous beaches like Bondi and Manly.

In real estate, Sydney offers a range of options, from modern apartments in the city centre to family houses in the suburbs. It’s a place where history meets modern living, making it a popular spot to live and visit.

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Cheap movers Sydney: Here we come to give you peace of mind!

Assisted in moving innumerable residential and commercial set ups successfully. Moving come with its own set of challenges but not any more with Movee as your removals booking partner. Removals booking with Movee comes with so many benefits.

  • Cheap Removals Sydney, Just in price, not in quality!
    Moving can be a very tedious task costing a pretty penny. No matter whether it’s a small or substantial move, house removals expenses always add up. We at Movee, connect you with cost-effective moving solutions in and around Sydney. Movee customises prices as per your need because we know every cent counts. We do not provide you with something you do not wish for or need. We are proudly a platform of the cheap removalists Sydney has, to cut down your removal expenses. Get yourself a quick quote now.
  • Reliable Services MOVEE gets you genuine and dependable moving companies in Sydney. We are a booking platform fabricated by our highly skilled moving partners who respect your assets and handle them with utmost care. Be it family heirlooms or ample fragile items, our removalists are adept at taking care of all. Whether you need to move locally, country or inter-state; you can trust us for all your well-preserved goods. We aim to be your one-stop solution for removalists near Sydney. Call our team now or book your appointment online.
  • Save Time
    Yes, removal is a very tedious and time-consuming job. But now with Movee, it’s not; because we absorb all your moving time. You might have an important business pitch around the corner or some significant family affair and must move the same week. Don’t worry, we are there with you as your removal booking partner to spend numerous hours getting the right removalist for you. We provide you with delightful movers and packers Sydney experience.
  • Hassle Free
    Moving can be a very stressful adventure, from packing and unpacking to handling logistics and so on. Besides one needs to do paperwork, institute a new office or school in place, be accustomed to environmental changes, process emotional fluctuations and much more. Handling chattels on the top can get quite overwhelming in the process. Getting a removals partner works great to minimise the load. Movee is a team of proficient movers Sydney brings to you. We are a platform dedicated to providing you with a hassle-free and stress-free moving experience. We take care of your relocation by delivering end-to-end moving solutions to you so that you can sit and enjoy with your family or execute other aspects of your move. Contact us now!
  • Available At Flexible Hours
    You might be willing to move at any time, hence, we are ready to work at all hours. Be it day or night time, weekdays or weekend; our services are always available for you to take. Our staff is constantly equipped to take up the jobs that might require odd hours availability. We at Movee understand your tight schedules, hence, extend our services without any time bar. With a gradual increase in the number of odd-time house removals Sydney is experiencing, Movee keeps you up with all your relocation needs.
  • Advanced Customer Support
    Our dedicated customer support team is available to guide and support you at every step of your move. Our executives answer all your queries and assist you from start to finish, to provide you delightful movers and packers Sydney experience. We are always happy to help you!

How Does MOVEE Work?

To Find You Perfect Removalist Sydney Every Time

MOVEE makes your move easy in just a few steps. Begin by putting your moving details in our simple online form. We analyse your requirements and find a mover with our big network of reliable Sydney removalists who are ready to help with your move. They give transparent price quotes, which you can look at and compare. Every listed removalist has a large number of real customer ratings and reviews.

  1. Tell us about your move

    Simply tell us what you want to move, where it’s going, and when you want to move it.

  2. Compare quotes from top removalists Sydney

    We compare different Sydney moving companies, from small moving providers to big, reputed removal companies. We compare different quotes to get your move.

  3. Pick your preferred mover

    We choose the best moving quote based on the moving company’s rating and reviews and the price they offer.

  4. Leave a Review

    We always welcome your feedback; help us by sharing how your move went with a review.

Our Sydney Removals Services

To simplify the moving process for our customers

Get a stress-free moving experience in Sydney with a complete moving solution with Movee. Whether you’re moving your home or office, our friendly teams will pack, move, and unpack your things.

We can move you nearby or to another state. Plus, we offer cleaning and energy setup to make your moving journey comfortable from start to end. Your smooth move is just a call away; discover our range of moving services.

Professional House moving services in Sydney

House Removalists Services

Book your ideal house removalist Sydney. Our listed experts are experienced professionals who take great care while moving your house belongings. They provide complete moving solutions like packing, loading, and unloading your things to your new home.

Taking care while packing, transporting, and setting up everything in your new home are all parts of this. Our customer service is always with you so you can move without stress. Because your satisfaction is our top priority, we make sure that our services fit your needs.

House Removalists Sydney

Best office removals services in Sydney

Office Removalists Services

We make it easy to move offices in Sydney. Our listed removalists Sydney will move your desks, furniture, electronics, and papers with care. They always make sure that everything is packed safely and moved to your new office without any damage.

We can do more than just move your things; we can also rearrange your office stuff in your new home. We at Movee make moving your office cheap and easy, with as little downtime as possible. Let us handle the moving of your office; we’ll make it easy and stress-free.

Professional Packers and movers team in Sydney

Packing and Unpacking Services

Our partnered moving companies provide professional packing and unpacking services. They pack your belongings with special packing material and carefully place them in the moving boxes. They are experienced in protecting your items while transporting them to make sure they prevent any damage. 

On the other side, They carefully unpack your furniture carefully then place it in your preferred place. Save you time and money while packing and unpacking. Book Efficient and reliable packers and unpackers in Sydney with us.

Cheap Local and Interstate movers in Sydney

Local & Interstate Removalists Services

We provide top movers in Sydney who can move efficiently whether you want to move locally or interstate. Our listed Local movers provide efficient moving service for short-distance moves, making sure your items are reached safely and quickly.

Our listed interstate removalists provide special care in longer-distance moves, ensuring everything arrives undamaged. They have the experience to tackle all the paper to move your belongings on time. Movee makes the moving process easy and simple.

Interstate Removals

Best Furniture Removals Sydney

Cleaning Services

Cleaning is the most common added service when moving. Whether you want to clean your new place before you move in or your old place after you move out, we have you covered. Compare professional cleaners in Sydney who offer quality service at an affordable price.

Our listed cleaners use eco-friendly products and the latest tools, ensuring precise and efficient cleaning every time. We always makes sure you get a reliable, punctual cleaner who delivers excellent cleaning.

Furniture Removals

Fast Energy and cleaning services in Sydney

Energy Services

Reliable electricity and gas retailer is crucial when you move to a new place. Compare top electricity and gas deals from different retailers and pick the best one that is ideal for you. 

Our listed energy companies have trained professionals who offer quick and safe installation to ensure you are connected with power as soon as possible. MOVEE get you the right energy solution according to your budget.

Cheap Electricity Providers Sydney

How To Pick A Good Sydney Removalist?

Picking a good and reliable Sydney removalist company can be a tough task. Since all Sydney movers have different prices, service quality, professionalism levels, and reviews. Here’s how you can make sure you pick a good Sydney removalist:

  • Compare local moving companies: Contact your nearby local movers directly and read their customer’s reviews about their services to make a smart choice.
  • Check business details: See if the company has a real Australian Business Number and at least public damage insurance.
  • Inspect their experience: How long have they been moving stuff in Sydney? Do they know the city well? These can give you a clear idea about their moving experience.
  • Check for clear pricing: ask about any hidden costs so there are no unwanted surprises or additions later.
  • Compare different quotes:  Get quotes from several removalists Sydney companies before picking any Sydney furniture removalist.

We makes comparing and booking Sydney removalists easy. Discover how.

Highly Recommended Removalists Service in Sydney

Karen Sherlock
Read More
The Movee team was really friendly and helpful. The removalists they sent did an amazing moving job. They were quick and efficient in moving our belongings. I was very impressed with their professionalism and the smoothness of the move.
Anuja Rajan
Read More
The movers came up on time and were very helpful during the move. I would hire these movers again without a doubt. Thanks a lot to Shanky for all his hard work and commitment. Their reliability and speed made the moving process quite simple.
Judith White
Read More
The movers were very helpful and hardworking. They were nice and accommodating, and they were very careful with my things. The skilful working ability made the moving process easy and simple. Thanks to movee for providing us with this amazing mover. Five star overall.
Lisa Rancan
Read More
The move was done as planned, and the team came on time. They did a great job while packing and loading my furniture, and I'm very happy with how smoothly the move went. After the move, they carefully unpacked and placed it properly and ensured everything was safe.
Kerry Thomson
Read More
The guys arrived on time and quickly started packing. They quickly and effectively finish the packing and loading task. They transported everything without breaking anything, and they carefully unpacked when they got to the new place. The prices were very fair, and their support was excellent, making the whole experience even better.
Tahnee Towers
Read More
John and Rick were great, and they made moving very easy and stress-free. They took care of everything and moved quickly. It was a short local move just 5km from my old place. They were great, and I would suggest them to anyone who wants an easy moving experience.
Anthony Trombino
Read More
I enjoyed it during the whole move because the movers were pleasant and helpful. They carefully took care of all belongings, which made the move very simple and easy. It was great that they were friendly and ready to help after a stressful day.
Rachael Mcdermott
Read More
The moving staff was very skilled and experienced, and they took great care with everything. I was surprised by how cheap the prices are. Their skill and reasonable prices made the moving process go more smoothly and with less stress. Very happy!
Lisa rutherford
Read More
I had an awesome moving experience with Movee! Mostafa and Shayan are super cool and friendly. They helped a lot while moving boxes and did a great job. If someone asked me, I'd say they are the best and not too pricey movers in the city.
Sean Leyden
Read More
The Movee team was amazing! They moved everything super quickly and were good at their job. They used some strong staff to pack my things, and their storage facility helped me a lot; they made me feel my things were safe. also good for interstate moves.
Ann Williamson
Read More
Big thanks to Movee! The two guys you sent were superstars. They moved everything perfectly. I will tell all my friends and family to use Movee if they need to move because they're not just great, they are one of the best removalist company in my area.
Julie Anne Rock
Read More
I've used Movee twice to move houses. It's super handy! We used Movee to clear stuff when selling our home. They took it from our old house and brought it to the new one in Sydney. Reasonable prices and friendly people.
Jennerose Cosis
Read More
Movee provides excellent quality removalist for moving houses. It's simple from start to finish. The team chats with you and makes everything clear. I'll use Movee again for sure. Two thumbs up for Movee!
Bryony Wolfe
Read More
I moved my stuff from Sydney's room to storage and Bondi. It stayed in storage for about a year, but getting it back was easy-peasy. Movee was top-notch the whole time. Big thanks!
Maria Petroni
Read More
I live in a building with little space. But Movee's removalists team used cool small machines to put the box just right in our garage. They brought it and took it away on the same day, so other people in the building were fine. I think Movee is awesome!
FAQs for Removalist

We wrap all furnishings in blankets. Shrink-wrap is also used to protect objects with a delicate surface from scratches. To ensure that the removalists team provides the greatest removal service, it has many years of expertise.

If your booking is for a premium service, the provider will be able to provide precise arrival and departure times. If you choose a shared plan, expect a window of approximately two to seven hours on the move day.

Yes, all of our prices are GST inclusive.