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Quick Tips for Moving with Pets in Adelaide.

Moving with Pets in Adelaide

Moving is a stressful experience for everyone, including your lovable pets. When you are moving into a city like Adelaide, early preparations will help your furry friend blend in seamlessly. From pre-move preparations to settling into your new home, there are several steps you can take to make the move less daunting for your pets. In this blog post, we discuss some tips and advice on how to move in Adelaide with your pets so that you and your pets can resettle stress-free again in the new environment.

Pre-Move Preparations


Veterinary Visit

Visit the veterinary doctor for a general health check-up of your pets. This is the perfect time to get general updates on vaccinations and health certificates and deliberate on any other concerns that may be touching your mind regarding the move.

They will give you some great ideas about how to handle pet anxiety over relocation, sometimes, even suggesting necessary medications or supplements to make the shift comfortable.

Microchip Implants and Identification

Ensure your pets are wearing up-to-date identification tags and are microchipped. Make sure they have appropriate identification and that your new address and phone number are added to the registry. This way, the possibility of being reunited with your pet quickly is increased if it becomes lost during the move.

Check Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods

Adelaide has many pet-friendly neighbourhoods, parks, and amenities. Check these places and decide beforehand where you would take your pet. Also, check the location of the vet clinics, pet stores, and dog parks. It will make life much easier for you, as you will know that the new neighbourhood welcomes your pets.

Packing and Moving Day

Preparing a Pet Travel Kit

A pet travel kit with all the necessary items will be required for your pet during the moving period. These include food, water, medication, comfort items, and more. Such a kit will make sure that your pets are comfortable and relaxed during the moving process.

Set Up Quiet Space

Set up a quiet room for your pets that will be out of the way. Make sure it is cool and far from all the noise and moving set-up disturbances. Include their bed, along with food and water, in the room to make the space familiar and safe.

Transportation Tips

Select the proper crate or carrier for your pets to ensure their safety during transportation. To get pets familiar with the crate in advance, make a positive association with treats or toys.

On the moving day, the crate should be secured, well-ventilated, and placed safely and stably in the car. Make regular stops when driving over long distances. This will give the pet a chance to hydrate and relieve themselves.

Settling into the New Home

Creating a Pet-Friendly Space

After you get to your new house, set aside a special space for your pets with their bed, toys, food and water. Let your pets find this space as they settle in slowly and get familiar with different places in the house. They will be comfortable with their own item, minimize transition nervousness, and get by easily.

Keep the Same Schedule

Maintaining the same routine for your pet during this time is key. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the feeding, walking, and playtime schedules, as this will help provide some sense of normalcy. Spend some quality time with your pet, as this will reassure them that they are safe and loved in their new environment.

Exploring the New Environment

Let your pet get to know its new neighbourhood. Begin with a short walk around a new block so your pet can feel the new scents and places. Adelaide has many beautiful parks and other open spaces; walking your pet in those areas is also a good way for it to familiarize itself with new surroundings.


Addressing Common Challenges


Anxiety and Stress

Signs of having a stressful time can be easily picked up in your pets by looking out for changes in the appetite, excessive grooming, or strange behaviours. Ease their anxiety with the help of calming aids, such as pheromone diffusers, anxiety wraps, or calming music. Provide much reassurance, and do not leave them alone most of the time when they are just in your new home for the first days.

Handling Escape Risks

During the move, doors and windows may be frequently opened, increasing the risk of pets escaping. Make sure all the entryways, such as doors and windows, are secured and use baby gates or barriers to control movements. Do not allow free outdoor activities for your pets until they are well conversant with the surroundings, and watch them closely so that they do not go away.

Introducing New People and Animals

Introducing your pets to new people and other animals should be done gradually and in a controlled manner. Always ensure that your pets approach new situations at their own pace and closely monitor any form of interaction. It would be best to always intervene in a situation of aggression or fear.


Legal and Local Regulations


Understanding Local Animal Laws

Find out about pet ownership laws, including issues related to the registration and licensing of pets. For instance, in the Adelaide City Council, pet owners should register their dogs and also cats, while microchipping is a must. Obeying such will give your pets legal backing, as well as easy identification and speedy return in case they are lost.

Compliance with Rental Agreements

If you are moving into a rented space, take some time to understand if there is a written pet policy in your lease. Some landlords might have specific regulations on pet ownership. Secure the necessary permissions and make sure you adhere to the terms so that you don’t have any legal disputes in the future.


Additional Resources


Local Pet Services 

Adelaide offers plenty of pet services that help to make moving that little bit easier. Compile a list of contacts you might need for your pets in your new area, like veterinary clinics, pet stores, groomers, or pet-friendly cafés. It will save you so much time if you need one of these services. 

Emergency Contacts 

Veterinary services that are available 24 hours a day in Adelaide should be found in advance. Contact details of organizations that rescue and then shelter animals can also be kept handy. All this goes a long way in offering peace of mind with the assurance of quick care for your pets during an emergency.



Relocating with pets requires proper arrangements and thoughts for their safety and well-being. By following these tips, you will help your pets get comfortably settled in their new home in Adelaide. Remember to focus on their desires and maintain their schedules, all while lavishing them with love and comforting words.

Moving, if it is well thought out, will help you avoid all the difficulties for you and your pets so that in your new apartment or house, you can all enjoy life together. Share your experience with moving in the comments below, as well as advice. As always, if you have any difficulties, eventually turn to professional moving services to ask for help in the process of moving.

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