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MOVEE makes moving easy and simple! We provide experienced removalists Penrith at an affordable price. We’ve spent years learning about the challenges of moving and what makes it hard. That’s why we do the tough work for you, making sure you get a smooth experience.

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Leading and Cheap Furniture Removalists in Penrith

MOVEE is your one-stop marketplace for quality furniture removalists in Penrith. Just tell us what you need to move, and we’ll find you good furniture removalists at great prices.

Our listed removalists are experts in moving furniture. They carefully plan how to move each item. They use high-quality packing materials like bubble wrap and strong cardboard boxes to keep your furniture safe. They make sure everything is secure when it’s being moved.

They’re experienced at deassembling and putting big furniture pieces back together. They have the right tools to lift and load everything onto the truck. During the move, they cover your furniture with heavy moving blankets to avoid scratches and damage.

When they get to your new place, they unload and arrange your furniture the way you want. They’re careful with your stuff, making sure it all arrives in perfect shape. Whether your move is short or long, We have all the moving services you need in Penrith.

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What is the Cost of Local Penrith Removalists?

Price for removalists Penrith with two men and a truck is around $60-$88 for every half an hour. Considering that the moving time of 1 bedroom is 3-4 hours, the moving rates of the same will come to nearly $590.

We give good quality moving services at affordable prices to our customers. You simply need to do is go online and fill in your requirements on the Movee form. We will get back to you with the best-fit movers Penrith.

Moving costs can change based on different things. It’s good to fill out the form with details about your move to know exactly how much it will cost.

  1. Your pickup and drop location, like how far away your new place is from the old one.
  2. It is a local, interstate, or inter-country move.
  3. How many things do you want to move, like the number of furniture and other belongings.
  4. What type of services do you need, like packing, unpacking, furniture disassembling and reassembling and others.
  5. Moving complications like the number of upstairs, fragile and breakable items etc.

Tell us everything, and we’ll give you a customised quote just for you. We promise to give you the best price we can. We’re here to make sure you get one of the best deals for your move.

We did not just focus on pricing, our focus is always on reliable and efficient service to our customers. You simply need to do is go online and fill in your requirements on the form. We will get back to you with the best-fit movers Penrith.

About Penrith

Penrith is located 55 km west from Sydney Central Business District. It lies on the banks of Nepean river with an elevation of 32 meters. The suburb enjoys a mix of history, outdoors and art.

One can explore cultural treasures at museums and galleries. People can thrill themselves with various sports like skydiving, rafting, wakeboarding and more. There are great eateries and cafes available to satiate one’s food cravings.

When someone first moves to Penrith, they usually notice the stunning Hunter Baillie Presbyterian Memorial Church. It’s made of sandstone and has a gothic style, with one of the tallest steeples in Sydney.

This church is a famous spot in Penrith and helps people to find their way around. If you’re looking for a good place to have lunch, try the Empire Hotel at the corner of Parramatta Road.

Nearest Airport: Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport

Nearest Train Station: Penrith railway station

Postcode: 2750

Why Choose MOVEE for Your Removals Need In Penrith

Assisted in moving innumerable residential and commercial setups successfully. Moving comes with its challenges but not with Movee as your removal booking partner. Removal booking with Movee comes with so many benefits.

  • Cheap Removalists: We provide affordable moving deals, but we never compromise quality. You get top-notch service at a price that wouldn’t break your budget.
  • Reliable: Contact us, we will always be with you on time, every time. Our reliable team is ensuring your move goes smoothly without any issues.
  • Saves Time: We work fast, saving you precious time. With our efficient service, you’ll be settled into your new place before your expectations.
  • Hassle-Free: We take the stress out of moving. Just sit back and relax; we’ve got everything under control.
  • Available at Flexible Hours: We provide a flexible schedule to fit your time. We’re here to help you move when it suits you best, even after hours or on weekends.
  • Customer Support: Our friendly customer support is always here to clear your doubts. They’re just a call away to assist with any concerns you have.

How does MOVEE Work? To Find Top Removalists Penrith

You must avoid spending hours contacting and comparing multiple movers in Penrith since we do all that for you. Just tell us what you need. We will do all the hard work to find you a trusted, local removing company to make your moving day stress free.

  1. Let us know what are you moving
    To start, we need some basic details about your move, including your name, phone number, pick up and drop location and the amount of furniture you want to move. This information helps us plan the best way to move your things.
  2. MOVEE finds your best match
    Once we have your details, we will find the best-fitted removalists Penrith as per your moving requirements. We’ll compare multiple moving companies and pick the right one that fits your moving needs.
  3. Include added services
    We don’t stop moving; we provide additional service, too. We can also provide cleaning services if you want to clean your place before or after the move. Then, we can find reliable electricity and gas providers according to your budget.
  4. Relax and Let Us Handle It
    After you’ve booked with us, you can relax. We handle the moving process from start to finish. You can trust that we will move your belongings safely and professionally.

Our Removals Services in Penrith

Movee has lots of partnered movers in Penrith to help people move their stuff. They are great movers at moving furniture, and they can handle any kind of moving job you need.

The moving companies that work with us offer their services at good prices. Whether you are moving to a new place in the same city or to a different state, Movee makes sure your move is easy and stress-free. You can pick from different moving services that best suit your needs.

Best House removalist Penrith

House Removalists Penrith

Our listed House Removalists in Penrith make your move stress-free. Their skilled team carefully packs your belongings, handles transport, and helps you settle into your new home. With advanced equipment, we ensure safe, speedy moves, whether it’s interest mover or across the city.

We compare moving deals from different moving companies to find the ideal one to cater to all types of house moves. Trust MOVEE to make your next move smooth and hassle-free.

Professional Office Removalists In Penrith

Office Removalists Service in Penrith

MOVEE Penrith Removalists are experts at moving offices. We know how to move your business, so your processes will be interrupted as little as possible. Our trained team carefully packs your equipment, moves it to your new location, and sets it up there.

We add more services to meet your needs, which makes the move easier and less stressful. We try to make your move quick and easy so you can get back to work. You’re in good hands with us. You can trust us to move your Penrith office.

Cheap Packer and movers team in Penrith

Packers and Movers Penrith

Packing is a key part of moving as it keeps your stuff safe. Our listed packers pack your items with top-quality warping materials and modern tools. They ensure your belongings are moved safely and reach the destination on time.

Once it reaches its destination, they also unpack properly and place it according to your preference. They take maximum care of your items to move them securely, no matter the long or short distance.

Best local and interstate removalists

Local & Interstate Removalists Service in Penrith

We offer quick, affordable local and interstate moving services in Penrith. Our experienced local moving partners help our customers move both locally and to different states, taking great care of everything.

We make sure that all your things are safely packed, loaded, moved, and then unpacked. Our partnered moving companies offer a full range of moving services to make your move really easy and stress-free. You can trust MOVEE to make sure your move goes well and meets all your needs.

Cleaning service in Penrith

Cleaning Services in Penrith

When you move to a new place, cleaning is a common additional service that people take. If you want to clean your new place before you move in or clean your old place after your move out, we can help you both condition.

Our listed cleaners take care of all aspects of cleaning. They make sure everything is clean and hygienic, whether it’s a home or a business. We provide professional cleaners for every situation, whether you need a deep clean or a simple wash. Get a clean and fresh start for your new place with MOVEE.

Professional Energy Services in Penrith

Energy Services in Penrith

Picking the right plan for your gas and electricity needs can be challenging. If you choose the wrong one, it could cost you a lot each month. MOVEE makes it easy to find reliable and affordable energy plans.

We compare the best deals and lets you save money on your electricity and gas bills. We connected you with reliable energy service providers in Penrith who offer good energy services. This way, you can get a plan that keeps your bills down and meets your energy needs.

Essential Tips for a Smooth Move in Penrith

  • Moving in Penrith is usually easy because the wide streets and roads have plenty of space for parking.
  • To make sure you have a relevant spot for the moving truck, it’s a good idea to analyze two cars that can park one behind. Some of these parking spots are at a 90-degree angle, which can make it a bit harder. In those cases, double parking isn’t usually a big problem.
  • If your house has a garage that opens to a back lane, the removalists team might use that route to move some items.
  • If you live in a home with three or more bedrooms, you might want to get a fixed quote for the move. Our moving partners can send someone to your house to give you a written estimate.

Penrith Removalists Reviews

Sylvia Athanasiadis
Read More
Both of the office removals were fantastic. They worked really quickly and smoothly, with no extra charges, and they even had tools to take apart furniture. I highly recommend them! Especially thanks to Movee for giving me full peace of mind during my office move.
Megan Meyers
Read More
The removalists team were wonderful. Very efficient and careful with my things. I need some storage facilities for 10 days, Movee provides these at an affordable price. I highly recommend them and movee. So happy they helped me move. Thank you.
Warren Rank
Read More
I moved a 2-bedroom place with lots of moving boxes and some furniture. It was a long trip from Bateau Bay to Penrith and needed two men from the removalists company. They were on time and worked very fast without any problems. I highly recommend both of them to anyone who wants to move home or office.
Doug Hambly
Read More
I moved large furniture from a big house to a small apartment in NSW. The movers were extremely helpful and friendly, with fully equipped tools. They did more than expected to move and protect my furniture.
Heidi Dinh
Read More
Moved from Sutherland Shire to Penrith, a 2-bedroom apartment, from 7 am to 12 noon. The removals were professional and careful with my belongings. The truck was new and clean. Great communication. Would definitely use them again.
Godwin IP
Read More
I'm so happy I chose Movee. Nawras and Mustafa were amazing! They were professional, wrapping and handling my furniture with care. It was a big job for a large house, especially since I booked last minute, but they were really professional and strong. I felt very safe letting these guys handle the move. They are very reliable! Highly recommend them.
Benjamin David Connor
Read More
Movee helped move our meditation centre within Penrith. We had a lot of chairs, sound equipment, books, musical instruments, and more, needing a big truck and three people. The crew was on time and careful, and the team leader was polite and followed extra instructions. We're very happy with their service and would use them again or recommend them to others. Good experience from start to finish.
Trisha Kraehenbuehl
Read More
I've used Movee twice - once for a personal move and now to move a 15-person office. Rick and his team were on time and worked hard all day. They impressively got a huge boardroom table up the fire stairs because it was too big for the elevator. It was a tough job, but they did it!
Nathan D'sa
Read More
The guys arrived right on time and were very careful with my furniture. It was impressive to see young removals work so well together. They did a fantastic job, and I'm really pleased with their service. Their teamwork and respect for my belongings stood out. Best Penrith furniture removals.
Ann Williamson
Read More
The removalists team from Movee did an excellent job. They were very careful with my furniture and everything else, making sure nothing got damaged. They managed to make the whole process look easy and smooth. I highly recommend all of them to anyone who wants to move.
Brad Stuart
Read More
The guys were kind and professional. They reached on time. They did not waste any time. I highly recommended them. It was hassle free removal. Thanks Movee and the guys.
Arman Pejic
Read More
The movers were great. They handled the move very well and respected my preferences. They were very professional in their approach and took great care of my items during the move.
Cathy Wood
Read More
They are the most efficient and careful movers I’ve ever used. I booked them to move my home in Penrith and am extremely satisfied with their services. Their efficiency and care in handling my belongings were outstanding.
Kerrie Vasiliou
Read More
The movers were very helpful while I was moving into my new home. They took care of everything, like packing my stuff and moving it in and out of the truck. They did their job well, quickly, and listened to what I needed. They paid attention to small details, which made the move easier than I thought it would be. I'm thankful for their hard work and strongly recommend them to anyone who needs good movers. Best furniture removals company.
Scott Wells
Read More
The moving company did a great job from the start to the end of my move. They packed our stuff well, moved it safely, and arranged it in our new house. They were really careful with our breakable items and listened to what we needed. They were friendly and professional and always answered my questions. I would strongly suggest them to anyone who needs good, reliable movers in Penrith.
Andrew Fitzgerald
Read More
It was a great job by Movee team. The movers were on time. They gave high quality service. They also took the appropriate care with our goods. The boys made moving as simple a process as it could be. Stress free experience. Thanks again!
FAQs for Penrith Removals

Ideally, 2 – 4 weeks before your moving date is the best time to book a moving service in Penrith. If you want to move during busy times like weekends or holidays, try to book even earlier.

Getting a quote is easy and free. You can fill out a form on our website or call our customer service at 1300 244 155. Then tell us some basic details about your move, like pickup and drop location, how much stuff you have, and any special services you might need, like packing or storage. Then our team sends you a customised quote for your move.

Yes, many moving companies in Penrith offer packing services. They can pack your stuff safely using the right boxes and wrapping. This service costs extra, but it’s truly worth it, especially for delicate items like glassware or electronics.

Most moving companies in Penrith can give you boxes and other packing materials. Sometimes, this is included in their service, and sometimes, you might have to pay. If you want to pack by yourself, you can buy or rent the packing materials from them.

Yes, many moving companies in Penrith can keep your things in their storage. They offer short-term and long-term options, but remember this will increase your overall moving cost. This is useful if your new place isn’t ready before you leave or you have some extra stuff.

Yes, almost all moving companies in Penrith have insurance and licences to work. This implies if something breaks while moving, the customer gets compensated.

Moving with pets requires a lot of planning to keep them happy and safe. Bring a separate bag with food, water, and their favourite toys. Talk to your selected moving company about how they move your pet, as they might require special arrangements.