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Book experienced, skilled, trusted, and affordable removalists Perth. We can make your move as stress-free as possible for both local and Interstate moves. Just let us know about your move, and we will find the right removalists for you. Provide your moving details through the form below and get a quick and FREE quote.

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Our Removalists Services in Perth

House removalists during transporting packed moving boxes

House Removals Perth Service

Professional house removalists in Perth can make your moving easy. They take apart and pack your things, load them into a truck, and drive them to your new home. When they arrive, they unload and set up your furniture and other items carefully so nothing gets damaged. They can also help unpack and set up big appliances if you need.

Office movers in relax mood after packing moving items

Office Removals Service in Perth

Office removalists Perth help businesses move without much interruption. They take apart and put together office furniture and computers, making sure everything is moved safely. They make a plan to move quickly so your business can start working again soon. Removalist also work with IT experts to set up networks and systems at the new office.

Packers and Movers Perth

When you move to a new house in Perth, it’s important to pack your things carefully so they don’t get damaged. Our listed packing experts use strong materials and special wraps to protect everything. They make sure all your items stay safe and arrive at your new home in one piece. They also label the boxes so unpacking is easy and organised.

Local and Interstate Removals Service Perth

Local removalist services help you move within the same city or nearby areas in Perth. For moving to another state, we have experts who handle long-distance moves. They pack your things safely and take care of all the paperwork to make sure everything arrives on time. This makes moving far away easier and less stressful, helping you settle into your new home smoothly.

Cleaning Services Before or After Move in Perth

Cleaning is also an important part of moving. Our network of cleaning service providers in Perth can clean your old home after you move out or your new home before you move in. They do all kinds of cleaning to make sure the place is spotless. From deep cleaning to basic cleaning, they make sure your home is perfect for the next people or for you to live comfortably.

Energy Services in Perth

When you move, you might need a new electricity provider. We can help you find the ideal and cheapest options based on your energy usage. This way, you save money on your electricity and gas bills. Our service makes sure everything goes smoothly so you can start your new life with good and trustable energy solutions.

Cost of Removalists Perth

A team of two Perth removalists with a truck usually charges $65 – $75 for every half hour. The hourly costs depend on the amount of furniture, the distance of your move, the number of removalists you need, and what size of moving truck you require. Also, this Cost can go up on weekends or holidays when more people are moving. Special items that need extra care can also increase the price.

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What Makes MOVEE Different from Others in Perth?

How Do We Work To Find Affordable Removalists in Perth WA

We are a moving platform for booking professional removalists. Our latest technology and skilled customer support team are always ready to improve your moving experience. Our advanced system finds your ideal removalist in just a few clicks. We use simple steps to help you book trustworthy and cheap removalists Perth.

  1. Share Your Moving Details:
    Let us know where you are moving to, when you are moving and what sort of moving it is.
  2. Pick Extra Services:
    If there is a need for additional services such as cleaning, arrangement of utilities, or insurance then these are offered.
  3. We Find Removalists for You: Based on this, our system locates the most appropriate removalists in Perth.
  4. Relax and Let Us Handle It
    After you have booked the removalists, they handle everything, ensuring your goods are moved efficiently and securely.

Perth City Moving Statistics

Perth’s Population Growth

  • 2024 Population: About 2.89 million people live in Perth.
  • Annual Growth Rate: The population of Perth grew by 3.6% from 2023 to 2024.
  • Historical Growth: Since 2005, Perth’s population has grown a lot. Partly because of the mining industry.

Migration Patterns (Perth)

  • International Migration: Recently, around 60,000 people came to live in Perth from different countries.
  • Domestic Migration: About 10,000 people moved to Perth from other places in Australia.
  • Overall Trend: More people are coming to live in Perth than those who are moving away. Some people do leave, but more people are moving in.

Housing Market in Perth

  • Average House Price: Around AUD 965,500 in the Perth area.
  • Market Dynamics: High demand and not many houses available in the best areas in Perth are making prices go up.
  • Price Forecast for 2024: Prices of houses in Perth are expected to rise by 5% to 9%.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Perth’s Nearby Suburbs

  • Cottesloe : Known for its pretty beach and chill atmosphere.
  • Subiaco : A place with lots of shops, good food, and fun activities, near the downtown area.
  • Fremantle : Famous for its connection to the sea, lots of art, and old buildings that are still in good shape.
  • Mount Lawley : A lively area with lots of places to eat, bars, and fun cultural activities.
  • Scarborough : Popular for its beach vibes, sandy shores, and surfing.
Graphical representation of moving statistics and population growth in Perth
Graphical representation of moving statistics and population growth in Perth

Highly Recommended Removalists in Perth

Natalia Heath
Read More
Nawras and his team gave a huge help with my move. The removalist even made an extra stop and carried many book boxes up two stairs. Removalist team were good at communicating, making sure they moved everything I needed and put it in the right place. Great service overall.
Bernie Ramsay
Read More
We used this removalist team for our interstate move. And were very satisfied. After researching, I'm glad we chose them. Our move from Sydney to Brisbane was done in 24 hours. They kept us updated, calling 30 and 10 minutes before arrival. Amazing company.
Howard Blend
Read More
The removalist team from the company did a great job moving our 5-bedroom furniture. Removalists were on time and took great care of our furniture, treating it like their own. They were both friendly and fast.
Gaurav Singhal
Read More
Having moved a lot, I have worked with many removalists in Perth. Movee, especially Alexin and Mustafa, were the best. The removalist team was skilled, quick, friendly, and easy to work with. They did a great job.
Kennedy Chacha
Read More
Rick & Sandro were incredible. Removalist moved all items quickly and carefully. I would sure use these removalists again for my future interstate moves. Also recommend them to everyone.
Michaela Lobb
Read More
The removalist team Nawras and Sandro moved my entire house in one day without any issues. They were lovely people and great to work with. I highly suggest Movee. Also this removalist team to my friends and family fellows for a quite moving experience.
Tim Duncan
Read More
Martin and his team were incredible. Removalist moved a house full of furniture a long distance in one day, with care and skill. I have already recommended Movee and the moving team. Also, thanks to Jasmine and Maria for the quick organisation. They fulfilled my expectations in every way. I will always choose them for future moves.
Diane Frances
Read More
Alex and Rivon both removalist did a great job moving my things to storage. Removalists were on time, had all the equipment, and were careful with my items. Removalist worked fast and efficiently. I was very happy with their service. Thank you.
Michael Evans
Read More
Rick and Adesn were fantastic movers. The removalists moved everything from the 8th floor to the truck smoothly. Removalist were respectful and fast. I strongly recommend the removalists and these two guys.
Tharu Widanapathirana
Read More
I'm really pleased with Mario and his team of removalists team. They arrived on time, and all of them were professional, honest, and very skilled. I used this moving company about five times, and this was my best experience.
Read More
It was an amazing removalists service by the assigned removal company. The removalist were friendly and worked hard all day. So I am happy with the service. If you are looking for Perth moving companies that handle nearby moving and furniture removalists, they can be a great choice.
Kate Sparkes
Read More
It was a great move with help of removalists and their efforts. Daniel and Jay did a great job on our move today. They were friendly, on time and very efficient. We felt rest assured with their Perth removals service.
Read More
We hired the removalists for moving our house. The staff member moved a 3 bedroom apartment including a court yard, double garage and some pot plants. They are definitely one of the best Perth moving companies.
Read More
Our move was very smooth. I am glad it was done through a moving service rather than myself. The movers were great. We had peace of mind while removalist carefully handled our belongings. Their removal storage service was very helpful for us.
Read More
We enjoyed a great move. It was completely professional. It was done by removalist so quickly without any hassles, damages or troubles. We got a great company from Movee. Their local moving service is top-notch.
Marie V.
Read More
The removalist team was very respectful. They made our move very easy. We had to move to our 4 bedroom house at a short distance. The removalists arrived on the ETA provided and finished worked on time. We highly recommend them for Perth removals.
Adrian G.
Read More
The movers did an awesome work. We had to move our 4 bedroom, 2 storey house. Removalist started the job at 7 and finished by 12. I highly recommend the removalists to everyone for furniture removalists Perth.
Read More
The removalists did great work and delivered beautiful service. Our apartment had 2 bedroom with some big items. It was a short distance move and the guys finished it at the right time. Their removals option were also very good.
Tyson Spoor
Read More
Paul and Dan were amazing. Both removalist were organised, on time, and very careful with our things. They were also funny and kind, making the move enjoyable. Great and honest work. I will book with these removalists again for any future moves. They are definitely one of the best Perth moving companies I've experienced.
Sharon Zammit
Read More
Top Quality Service. Top Quality Guys. Fabio and Jeff were great. I have moved many times with alot of moving companies and they were the best removalists I ever have had. They took great care of our stuff and made sure everything was safe. I highly recommend their removalist service to anyone needing movers, especially for furniture removalists needs. For anyone looking for local moving services, they are an excellent choice.
Narelle Gonzalez
Read More
Leonardo and Rafael were friendly, professional, and took great care of our things. The move was smooth from start to finish. We would use both of the removalist again for any future moves. Their service was good and very reliable.They also provided excellent removal storage options, making the move even easier.
Stephin Hargreive
Read More
Great service. The guys who moved my furniture were on time.Careful with the items, and very fast. I could not find any faults in their service. Removalist made the moving process easy and smooth. I highly recommend these removalist for any moving needs. They are among the best Perth removals services I've used.
Richard Fuller
Read More
Excellent, friendly service. Paul and Dan were polite and friendly and did a great job getting me moved. Both removalist made the process easy and stress-free and handled all my things with care. I highly recommend their service to anyone looking for good movers. Among Perth moving companies, they truly stand out.
Sarah Ong
Read More
Highly recommend it. The two movers were the friendliest and most helpful I have ever used. They made the whole moving process relaxed and stress-free. Removalist were polite and professional the entire time. Thank you so much for your help. I would use their services again. They provided top-notch local moving service.
Yasmin Deen
Read More
Great packing team. Dalvana and Fernanda packed our 2-bedroom apartment in less than four hours. They were very fast and efficient. Everything was done neatly and carefully. I am very happy with the work of removalist and would recommend them to anyone needing packing services. Great job, especially with their removals storage solutions.
Tania Harter
Read More
Quick and easy. Paul and Ron moved us from storage to our new home in Perth. They worked neatly and fast even with the heavy furniture. The removalist were polite and efficient. I would recommend them to others who need help with their move. Great job by removalist overall.
Anthony Allan
Read More
Great moving team. Rick and his removalists team were on time, very careful, hardworking, polite, flexible, and fully committed to doing a great job. It is the best moving service I have ever used. The removalist made sure everything was perfect. I will use them again for sure for any future moves. They are excellent furniture removalists.
Bradley Boyle
Read More
Great service, very helpful. Victor and Pedro were amazing. They moved our 3-bedroom house quickly and carefully. They even started early to make sure everything was done on time. Communication was great. The removalist took good care of our things. Highly recommend their services.
Sharon Lawrence
Read More
Professional and fast. Leonardo and Rafael did a great job. They were professional and careful, especially with fragile items. Their attention to detail was impressive. Their removals storage options were very helpful. I am very happy with the work of removalist and would definitely use their moving services again in the future.
Fatoum Elhaouli
Read More
Highly capable and professional service by removalist team. Ron and Jay moved us into our new apartment. They were professional from start to finish. Our couch didn't fit in the lift, so they carried it up the stairs. Removalist were patient and persistent. Highly recommend them for any moving needs. Great job.
Luke Puser
Read More
Great job. Tiago and his team were exceptional at moving our furniture. They were on time, and I am very happy with their work. The removalist made sure everything done quickly and carefully on the moving day. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a reliable moving service.
Finley Purkiss
Read More
Five stars. Rick and Tim helped me move my 2-bedroom unit. They were efficient, polite, and careful with my belongings. They made my moving process easy and stress-free. I would book these removalist again without thinking twice.Recommend them to others needing moving assistance.
Naz Bright
Read More
They are a very good team of removalist . Luis and his team did a great job helping me move my 2-bedroom house. They provided excellent service and were very professional in moving day. I want to have them help me again next time I move. The removalists dedication and hard work were truly impressive. Rest assured, they will deliver excellent service.
Dinesh Abeydeera
Read More
Great job. Removalist arrived early and kept in touch during the whole move. They worked fast but were careful with all our things. The price was very fair for four hours of work. I would surely use them again for any future moves. They offered excellent removals storage options.
Sue Cochrane
Read More
Great move for our 2-bedroom apartment. Mustafa and his team were professional, careful with big items, quick, and efficient. Removalist made my moving journey easy and without any stress on moving day.. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a reliable moving service. They did a fantastic job.
Debbie Miller
Read More
Thanks for the help. Nathan and Holloway helped me move to my new flat. The service was excellent. Both the removalist worked fast and were careful with my things. I give them five stars for their hard work. I would use them again in the future. Rest assured, your move will be well-handled.
Anthony Mcmahon
Read More
Amazing service. Fabio and Jeff were very friendly and worked fast. They made the big job easy. I am very thankful for the help of the team of removalist in making my move stress-free. They were very careful with my stuff. I would use their help again for sure.
Sylvaine Dargent
Read More
Luis's team was awesome and worked very quickly. They were happy to help with the hard-to-move items and were very friendly. I would book them again in my future moves. The team of removalist made the whole moving smooth and easy. Great job.
Joel Owen
Read More
Great moving experience. Both of them are the finest removalists I have ever used. Removalist were very fast and patient.., Even with the extra rules we had to follow. They took all things with care. I highly recommend both the removalist for service for any type of move, big or small.
Michael Giles
Read More
Excellent service. Paul and Dan were brilliant. They handled a tough job with care and kindness. I wouldn't use anyone else these removalists for my move next time. Extremely happy for the great work and 100% dedication by the removalist team.

FAQs for Removalists Service in Perth

Getting a quote is very simple and free. You can fill out our easy quote form or call our customer service at 1300 244 155. Then just give us some basic information about your move, such as where we need to pick up and drop off your things, how much stuff you have, and if you need any extra services like packing or storage. After that, our team will send you a personalised quote for your move.

Yes, many removalist companies in Perth can help you pack your things safely using the right boxes and wrapping. This service costs extra, but it’s really worth it, especially for fragile things like glassware or electronics.

Most moving companies in Perth can give you boxes and other packing materials. Sometimes, this is included in their service, and sometimes, you might have to pay. If you want to pack by yourself, you can buy or rent the packing materials from them.

Yes, many removalist in Perth can store your belongings. They offer options for both short and long periods of time, but keep in mind that this will raise the total cost of your move. This can be helpful if your new home isn’t ready when you leave or if you have extra things to store.

You can move on the weekend or on a public holiday. We know that these times might be better for you. These dates are very popular and busy for removalist also. So try to book your date as soon as you can. Keep in mind these dates are costlier than regular days.

Some of our partner removalist in Perth let you track your items live during the move. This means you can see where your things are at any time. Before you book your removalist ask if they offer this service and how it works.

Yes, almost all Perth removalist have insurance and licences to work. This shows if something breaks while moving, the customer gets compensated. It is good to ask the removalist about their license and isurance

Packing and unpacking of the boxes is usually not included when you book a removalist company. In case you want the movers to pack and unpack for you, you can book the same separately.

Since packing and unpacking is a time consuming process, you must start well in advance if you are doing it on your own. Plan it thoroughly to avoid any last minute hassle. Else, hire removalists through Movee and enjoy a stress free removal.

We always advise you to book as early as possible. This saves you any last moment hassle and non availability of the right removalist for you. It also prevents you from any possible future price rise.

It depends on the package that you have booked with the removalist company. If you are taking only transportation, you will have to do the packing, unpacking, organising, cleaning etc. at your end. If you opt for these services as well, you will have very little on your plate to do.

Yes, the Perth removalists are adept at handling both heavy furniture and fragile items carefully. They take good care that no damage should happen to your belongings.

Our recommended removalists in Perth handle all your belongings with great care. Though accidents can happen anytime. So, for peace of mind, you can always take insurance.

Thank you for drawing your attention here. There is no hidden cost in availing our house moving service. You have to pay as per the demand of your service package and as stated in the quote sent by us.

It is good you asked this. For boxes, you need to talk to the service providers directly. They are generally on a charge basis. Some service providers may provide them for free in limited numbers.

Tips for Smooth Moving in Perth

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