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Need to move from Sydney to Brisbane? With Movee, we make it easy and quick! Our expert team is ready to help you move between cities in your time. Whether you’re moving from Sydney to Brisbane or vice versa, we’ve got your back.

Our team will take good care of your stuff, delivering and setting them up in your new place. Want to know the cost? Ask for a free quote! Choose Movee for a top-notch, wallet-friendly service. Let our experts do the heavy lifting for a hassle-free move between Sydney and Brisbane. Movee makes moving simple and affordable.

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Affordable Sydney to Brisbane Interstate Removalists

Are you thinking of moving from Sydney to Brisbane? Moving can feel pricey, but with Movee, you’ll get top-notch movers without breaking the bank. Whether you’re moving from Sydney to Brisbane or back again, we’ve got your back – at friendly prices!

Our excellent team is with you at every step. They will pack your belongings, load them up safely, drive them to your new place, and even help set everything up again. Our trucks and tools are the best, ensuring everything you own is safe and sound. Our budget-friendly backload service is just as top-quality as our regular ones.

Ready for a smooth move without the hefty price tag? Ring us up or ask for a free quote. With Movee, you can move with peace of mind and keep more money in your pocket!

Our expert interstate removals pick the quickest routes, so you save both time and money. Are you planning a move soon? Choose Movee. We promise top service that’s easy on your wallet.

How Much Does It Cost To Move From Sydney To Brisbane?

Are you relocating from Sydney to Brisbane? That’s a long, around 732 km journey! At Movee, on the average moving cost of 10 cubic meters of stuff is just about $1,340. That’s only $135 for each cubic meter, which is an affordable deal for such a long move.

Were you moving your house or your office? We’ll talk with you to find out what your moving needs and give you a special price just for you. Our prices are clear and easy to understand. So, if you’re planning a move between Sydney and Brisbane, pick Movee. We’ll help you save money. Give us a call or get a free quote to know the best price for your move.

Looking For Skilled Sydney To Brisbane Removalists?

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You’re in the right place! We’ve helped many people move their houses and offices. Moving interstates can be tricky, but it’s more comfortable with our skilled interstate removalists. There are plenty of great reasons to choose Movee for your stress-free relocation.

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Our Interstate Removalist Services

To Simplify your Sydney To Brisbane Interstate Moving Process

We assist lots of people to move for a long time, like from Sydney to Brisbane and or Sydney to Melbourne or Brisbane to Sydney. If you’re moving interstate, Movee’s here to help. We make moving simple and even a bit fun! Pick what services you need from our list.

Best & Cheap Interstate Removalists Sydney to Brisbane

House Removalists Service

Our House removalists are professional and will relocate your household items to your new home. They carefully pack your household belongings, including furniture, couches, bed, books, beds, and TV, then load them in their moving truck and transport them to your new house. Then, they take everything out and then put it where you prefer. Our service makes moving effortless and easy. If you’re shifting between Sydney towards Brisbane or the reverse. Our experts will ensure your belongings are relocated safely and efficiently in this scenario.

Affordable interstate office removals Sydney to Brisbane

Office Relocation Service

The office moving services we offer are the ideal choice for office relocation. We will move office equipment, such as chairs, desks, computers, as well as anything that you have in your office. Our office movers are skilled in moving your company and office to a different site. They will professionally pack everything, load it onto their truck for transportation, and then move it to your new office. Then, they put everything in place just as they did before or better! If a company in Sydney or Brisbane requires a move, our experts will ensure the process is organised and straightforward.

interstate packing and unpacking service from Sydney to Brisbane

Furniture Moving Service

Our Furniture movers provide ideal moving services for your furniture, whether you have a small or large quantity of furniture. For example, you own an extremely heavy bed or sofa which is too large to be carried. Our movers use the latest equipment and know-how to transport it. They will ensure that no furniture is damaged or scratched. If you’re moving and are worried about the transportation of your huge cabinets, tables and chairs, Our experts will handle all of it. We’ll pack, move your furniture, and put it in your new home exactly as you would like it.

Professional Interstate Furniture movers from Sydney to Brisbane

Packing and Unpacking service

Unpacking and packing can be stressful when you relocate. However, with Movee, we take care of all the packing and unpacking for you. You don’t need to stress about it! Our professional movers will handle everything for packing. Our packers use proper packing boxes and packing materials to secure your belongings. They take care to take apart furniture, wrap delicate objects, and then efficiently move everything onto the truck for moving. We also manage the unpacking process when the time comes to move into your brand-new place. We’ll put your furniture together, unpack your boxes, and tidy up any mess. Our movers are experienced in taking care of your possessions.

Best and affordable cleaning services in Sydney and Brisbane
Before or After Cleaning Services

Moving can make your new and old home messy. However, Movee Professional’s cleaning staff will take care of cleaning up both before and after the moving day! Before moving out, we clean countertops, floors, and appliances. So, your old home will be spotless for your new occupants. When you move into your new home, we will take care of cleaning your new home from beginning to end. We clean kitchens, floors and bathrooms to make sure they’re spotless. Our environmentally safe products perform well. Let Movee manage the hard cleaning tasks when you move. We’ll make sure that every room is beautiful and tidy! After that, you’ll be able to enjoy a clean and tidy apartment.

Energy Services Melbourne and Brisbane
Energy Service

Getting a new connection to your energy can be a challenge. But not when you use Movee! Our experts will help you find the most affordable gas and electricity for your home and offices. We’ll connect you with the one with the lowest rates for your area. We’ll also connect your residence to the power grid. This makes getting electricity and gas easy and fast. Movee allows customers to access cheap, safe energy. We are dedicated to finding the most competitive rates and switching your energy provider. With our assistance cutting down on your energy bills is simple! Contact us today to get new low-cost electricity, gas, and energy connections.

How Does Movee Work?

To Find Your Ideal Interstate Removalist All The Time.

We have helped many people move their homes and offices without fuss. Moving from one state to another can be difficult, but with Movee, it’s a breeze! When you hire us to handle your move, you get a lot of great services. We’ll make sure your move is easy and simple.

Choose Movee, and we’ll take care of the hard part of the move. Are you planning an interstate move? Choose Movee! We’ll ensure everything goes smoothly from start to finish. Want a simple move? Trust Movee. We’re the experts when it comes to handling the big tasks of an interstate move. Just give us a call, and we promise you a smooth move!

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The Movee Edge!

At Movee, we use advanced technologies to provide you with fantastic service. You can check how your move is going at any time. Have a question? Just ask! We’re here for you from the beginning to the end of your move.

With our excellent technology and dedicated customer service team, Movee stands out from other moving companies. We let you know about everything that’s happening. So when you think of moving, think Movee. We are the first choice for making your move a breeze!

The Movee Edge
Read Our Customer Reviews
Miriam Gurvich
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We moved from a 2-bedroom Sydney flat to a new Brisbane house. The Movee team was terrific. Big thanks to Tyson, Sophie, and everyone else. The boxes came and went right on time. And a big thumbs up to the guys who ensured the boxes fit even in tight spots. Great job by everyone at Movee!
Jane Maher
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Movee Removalists did what they said they do. They were on time, good value and easy to use. With Movee, we only had to handle our stuff once, which was great. I'd say give Movee a go.
Jayani Liyanage
Read More
The customer support team at Movee answered all my questions nicely, even before I booked. They made everything simple, and it all happened right on time. Moving was so much easier! My stuff from 1.5 rooms fit just exactly with a bit of arranging.
Ann Mandich
Read More
I got two storage boxes from Movee, and wow, all my home stuff fit inside just those two. The whole thing was amazing – talking to them, getting the boxes, and the cost. Great job, Movee!

FAQs - Interstate Removals

An interstate move from Sydney to Brisbane usually takes between 1-3 days, depending on the specifics of the move, such as the volume of items and specific services required.

Some items, such as flammable liquids, perishable goods, and certain plants, are restricted for interstate transport. Always check beforehand.

The cost is typically based on the volume or weight of items, the services you choose (packing, unpacking), and the specific requirements of the move.

Yes, many removalists offer vehicle transport services. It’s best to mention this when getting a quote.

It’s advisable to give as much notice as possible, ideally 4-6 weeks, especially during peak moving seasons. With Movee, you can start your move on next day, get a free quote or call us.

While you don’t necessarily need to be present for the entire process, it’s beneficial to be there during the loading and unloading to oversee and provide any necessary instructions.

Reputable removalists use quality packing materials, specialised equipment, and trained staff to safely pack, load, and transport items.

Absolutely! Many removalist companies offer full packing and unpacking services. Just ensure you mention this when booking.