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Seven Tips for Effectively Transporting Bulky Items

7 Tips for Effectively Transporting Bulky Items

Your current level of concern is expected given that you have never attempted to move large Furniture or equipment on your own. You’re concerned about your first move because you couldn’t discover the top furniture removalists in Sydney. 

It’s OK, even though engaging with reputable and professional furniture Remoavlists in Melbourne would have been preferable. Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way we planned.

By following these helpful home removal guidelines, you can quickly transfer all of your large pieces of Furniture from your old home to the moving vehicle without damaging them. There is no risk to your back. You will not damage the tunnels or walls in the process. Shall we begin now?

1. Fundamental Deconstruction

Did you know that the best removalists in Sydney generally advocate disassembling large, heavy Furniture before transporting it from your home? You should follow suit. If your home contains large cabinets or cupboards, take the time to disassemble them. The instruction manual should include a method for disassembling the item.

In addition, YouTube is an excellent resource for discovering practical advice. They will also discuss the components and tools required to remove your home’s furnishings and appliances. Take your time with selecting your tools; instead, watch instructional videos.

2. Rearrange your items from top to bottom

A lot of the Furniture and other items will stay intact. Even after some of their parts have been removed, some artifacts remain too large and heavy to transport, while others are designed to be disassembled.

Tall pieces of Furniture, such as filing cabinets or fancy dressers, may need to be slightly inclined to fit through all of your doorways and hallways. It will take a minimum of two people to complete. You should ensure that every edge of the cabinet or piece of Furniture is covered and secured. Typically, you should use wrapping paper and bubble wrap to protect it when moving it out of your home.

3. Getting to the top of the stairs

When hauling heavy or bulky goods up and down the stairs, be sure the furniture slopes match the staircase. Always have the person on top carry the side of the thing with the most weight. Also, place a mat or runner on your steps before removing the object to ensure safety. So you will be able to

4. Remove the armrests from your couches

According to Adelaide’s top furniture removalists, couches, recliners, and chairs are among the most challenging objects to move. The weight of some of them may make disassembling them difficult. Taking the head and armrests off your sofas and chairs is the way to proceed.

The armrests are also distinctive in size and shape. As a result, these couches will be much more difficult to fit through your doorways and other openings. However, once you’ve packed all of your soft furnishings into their separate boxes, they’re easy to remove.

5. Handles for Carrying Furniture

Moving straps are the only piece of moving equipment that you will need. These are used for larger, heavier items of Furniture. Even the most excellent furniture movers in Sydney don’t use these straps. 

Their vibrant colors, excellent elasticity, and resilience set them apart from whatever you’re dragging along. They are also ideal for huge, heavy pieces of Furniture, industrial gear, and other items around the home. They have a high degree of flexibility, making them suitable for holding and stabilizing Furniture.

6. Whenever possible, hire a duo

Moving all of your heavy Furniture will take longer than you expect. Regardless of how simple something is, most people will need help understanding it. It isn’t easy to disassemble them because many have metal frames or are built in one piece. 

You’ll need at least two individuals to lift them off your property and place them in your moving car. Ensure that your actions are mutually supportive.

7. Lifting with the appropriate muscle

Keep your shoulders and back from becoming overly tight. Learn to squat low enough to lift weights without leaning over with your legs and arms. As a result, the importance of the object will be felt equally across your entire body.

It would help if you did not presume that your demeanor has changed to self-assurance. You should feel less tension on your shoulders as a result. The fact that you can take advantage of these helpful recommendations adds to the excitement. 

You won’t think twice when relocating your heavy goods from your old home to your new one. If you find a reputable furniture removalist in Brisbane, do not hesitate to call them. Enjoy your walk.


Moving bulky items doesn’t mean to be a daunting task, it can be easily done with proper ways. You can move your heavy furniture by disassembling it and using proper lifting techniques.

Remember these tips for a smoother transition to your new home, and always take professional help if you don’t kno about moving obstacles. Book your ideal removalists with MOVEE, and move your heavy items safely and efficiently.

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