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Simple Post-Move Checklist to Settling into Your New Melbourne Home

Simple Post-Move Checklist to Settling into Your New Melbourne Home

Moving to a new city is an adventure filled with excitement and challenges. If you recently moved to Melbourne, you are likely eager to settle in and explore your new surroundings. To make this relocation smoother, we make a comprehensive checklist just for you.

In this guide we tried to help you feel at home quickly in Melbourne, ensuring you don’t overlook any crucial steps. By following our checklist, you can minimize the stress of moving and start enjoying everything in your new home.

Immediate Tasks

1. Inspect Your New Home

Inspect your new home before you move in and start unpacking. Look for damage or issues that may need immediate attention. Make sure water, electricity, and gas utilities are turned on and everything is in good condition. This is also the time to make sure that all your belongings are intact, without any missing or damaged items.

Making a list of problems you notice will be a great way to ensure that any issues identified will be repaired soon enough and that you can alert the landlord, property manager, or services provider in time. An inspection at this baseline can save you a whole lot of future problems and allow you to feel so much more secure and comfortable in your new space.

2. Unpack Essentials First

Unpacking can be overwhelming, so start with the essentials. Unpack things that you will need for the first night, such as toiletries, basic kitchen supplies, and bedding. Set up your bedroom and kitchen first so you can get on your way to a functional and comfortable living space.

Organizing all essentials makes your new house feel more like home quickly. While unpacking, try to maintain some order by labeling boxes and setting aside items for different rooms. It helps to make the process less chaotic and more manageable.

Setting Up Utilities and Services

1. Connect Utilities

Getting your utilities up and running is another top priority. Contact the major local companies to establish or transfer gas, electric, and water services. Don’t forget about your Internet connection and cable service. Make and keep connections for these important resources now; it could be a few days before you can get cable installed, so get these in place now.

Look for the best service providers in Melbourne and go for the best and pocket-friendly option. One should also make sure that the installation appointments are done as early as possible since delays are quite annoying.

2. Update Your Address

Changing your address is important so you don’t miss out on any important mail. Notify Australia Post to redirect your mail to your new address. Update your new details with all your banks, insurance companies, and subscription service providers you may be connected.

Let your friends and family know your new address as well. Remember to update your address to include any professional associations or memberships you belong to. Keeping everyone informed will ensure you don’t miss anything important from anyone.

Getting to Know Your Neighborhood

1. Explore Local Amenities

Take the time to explore the community in your new neighborhood. Find some local grocery stores, pharmacies, and medical clinics. With that information in hand, the business of day-to-day living will be that much easier. Also, check out local parks, recreational areas, and gyms that are present in your community.

Melbourne is known for its vibrant communities, so take the time to explore the cafes, restaurants, and local shops. Familiarize yourself with public transport options and routes that will help you navigate the city streets much better.

2. Introduce Yourself to Neighbors

Build good relationships with your new neighbors so you can learn the place more quickly. Don’t forget to introduce yourself to your neighbors so you can make friends in your new place. Friendly neighbors can share nice tips about the neighborhood and will be your friends in the future.

Join local community groups and online forums to feel more connected to friends and neighbors. Attend neighborhood events or activities. Be active and part of your community. Interacting with the locals would widen the experience and help make a resourceful network.

Home Safety and Security

1. Secure Your Home

Make your new house safe and secure, both for the environment and with goods. You may have to change locks and upgrade your security system. Also, make sure your house has good smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

These small steps can put your mind at rest and protect your family. You should check the the safety of your windows and doors; for those found insecure, consider putting extra locks. Another security improvement to your home can be made by installing exterior lighting so that your home is less appealing to criminals.

2. Emergency Preparedness

Know the emergency exits and routes in your new home. Make a list of emergency contact information, such as the local emergency services, and share this list with family members. Preparing for emergencies is crucial and can make all the difference in a crisis.

Stock up on essential supplies like a first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, and some non-perishable foods on hand. Discuss emergency plans with your family so everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Integrating into the Community

1. Local Events and Activities

The best way to settle into a new city is by participating in local events and activities. Melbourne provides a variety of events, festivals, and markets. Attend the events to meet new people and learn more about your new city. Visit cultural events and museums to get the feel and experience of the local culture and history.

Take advantage of clubs or groups that share your interests, and get the chance to make many more friends in order to enjoy your surroundings better. Sporting events, the arts, and a host of activities populate the diverse community of Melbourne.

2. Schools and Education

If you have kids coming with you, enrolling them in a school in the local area is a must. Find out about schools near your region and arrange transport. Investigate the availability of clubs and extracurricular activities the children can participate in.

This will also go a long way in helping them make friends and be able to fit into their new setting much more easily. Visit the schools and get to be familiar with the teachers. Do not worry; there are very many more principles and outstanding schools in Melbourne. Just take time and get a good fit for your family.


By taking all these steps, you should soon feel comfortable and settled in your new Melbourne home. Enjoy the process, embrace all the new things coming your way, and you will feel at home in no time. Moving is a big change, but with a good attitude and good planning, it can be an immensely positive and fulfilling experience. Welcome to Melbourne, and here’s to many happy years in your new home!

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