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Welcome to the Movee booking platform, We make your move simple, easy, and cheap. We offer moving services in Thomastown in just a few clicks. Movee wants to remove all your worries about your upcoming move by having a fleet of removalists in Thomastown on our platform.

Our tech-driven platform and customer service team will help you stay up-to-date on your move. For the best Thomastown removalist, click the button above to contact us.

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Furniture Removalists Thomastown

MOVEE Removalists Platform can help you with everything you need to move in Thomastown. Give us a Quick Free Quote, and we’ll find you the ideal furniture mover. People and businesses can get help moving their things from one place to another from the moving companies we work with.

Our Partners provide services like moving, loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, putting things in the right place, etc. We also have cleaning and energy services that our moving teams can do for home and office moves.

It was always more challenging to move furniture. Our partnered furniture removals Thomastown, VIC Australia, are cautious with everything, from heavy furniture to fragile items.

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Charge of Local Thomastown Removalists

Two men and a truck in Thomastown cost around $72-80 every half an hour. Considering that the moving time of 1 bedroom is 3-4 hours, the average cost will come to approximately $520. Get an estimate for whatever you need and book online now.

Furniture removalists in Thomastown handle Australian furniture with great care as they know these are priced possessions of the people here. Our partner moving companies know how to handle the whole process of moving well.

About Thomastown

Thomastown is a suburb of Melbourne. It is in the northern part of the city, about 17 km from its central business district. It is home to more than 21,000 people from many different backgrounds. It is known for its multicultural community, good transportation links, and proximity to major shopping centres. The Edgars Creek Secondary College and the Thomastown Recreation and Aquatic Centre are in this suburb. The Thomastown Recreation and Aquatic Centre has a gym, a pool, and fitness classes.

Thomastown also has a lot of green spaces, like the famous Lalor North Park and the Thomastown East Reserve. The area has good public transportation access, making it easy to move around and get to other parts of the city.

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Movee booking platform is the right place for you.

We helped with many moving house and office removals without any problems. Moving comes with challenges but not with Movee as your removal booking partner. There are many benefits to booking a removalist with Movee.

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To always find you the perfect a movers Thomastown.

You can spend less time getting in touch with and comparing different removalists Thomastown has to offer because we do that for you. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll do all the hard work to find you a trusted, local mover who will make your moving day hassle-free.

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Our Removal Services in Thomastown

To simplify the moving process for our customers

We have a fleet of trucks and carriers to help our Thomastown customers with local and interstate moves. We know that moving can be a difficult task. So, the company we work with to move your furniture does it carefully.

Whether you want to move fragile items or furniture, a removalists company in Thomastown knows how to do it well. Movee makes moving easy by offering various services, including to your needs. Book online to avoid the trouble of moving.

Cheap House removals in Newcastle

House Removalists Service

House removalists Thomastown are special workers who move your stuff when you want to shift to a new home. We carefully pack your house belongings like furniture, sofas, beds, books, and even the TV, load them into trucks, and then take them to your new house. Once there, they unpack everything and place them where you want. We make relocating easy and stress-free. So, if you’re moving in or out of Thomastown, Our experts ensure your belongings are safely and quickly transported.

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Professional Office Removalists Newcastle

Office Removalists Service

Our Office Removalists in Thomastown are like your perfect partner for moving office. We move office stuff like desks, chairs, computers, and all the things you see in an office. When a business or office wants to move to a new place, Our office removalists come in to help. They pack everything neatly, put them in moving trucks, and transport them to the new office. Then, they set everything up just like before or even better! So, if a company in Thomastown needs to shift, Our professionals make it easy and organised.

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Best Packer and movers team in Newcastle

Pacing and Moving Service

Our Packers and Movers in Thomastown are like professional moving partners. Suppose you have multiple big items and need to move them all to a new place without breaking or losing any. That’s what we do but with your house stuff! First, we pack everything safely in boxes – your games, clothes, and even dishes. Then, our removalists load these boxes into big vans and drive to your new home and unload all the boxes. Lastly, they help unpack so you can enjoy your things in your new place. So, if you’re in Thomastown and need to move, we are here to help!

Best local and interstate removalists in Newcastle

Local & Interstate Removalists Service

You have a big piece of furniture and house items and need to move it locally or in a different city. Our Local & Interstate Removalists are like superheroes who do this job but for entire homes! “Local” means they help move stuff within your city or town. “Interstate” means they can move your things from one state to another. They carefully pack everything, put them in huge trucks, and then drive to the new place, even if it’s far away. When they reach, they unpack and set up everything for you. We make moving easy, whether it’s nearby or really far!

Local furniture removalists Newcastle

Furniture Removalists Service

Our Furniture Removalists in Thomastown are like your ideal movers for your furniture. Suppose you have a heavy sofa or bed that’s too big to carry. These guys come in with their tools and skills to pick it up and move it for you. They make sure none of your furniture gets scratched or broken. If you’re relocating your house and worried about moving your big tables, chairs, and wardrobes, these experts will do it all. We pack, lift, and set up your furniture in your new place as you like.

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Energy and Cleaning Services in Newcastle

Cleaning & Energy Service

In Thomastown, We also provide Energy & Cleaning Services. If you are looking for a cleaning service for your newly shifted place or want to clean your old place before you leave, we are here to solve your problems. We wash, scrub, and make everything shine, so your home feels fresh and tidy. But that’s not all! We also help with energy connections. This means we can make your house brighter with better lights and help save electricity, so your bills aren’t too high.

The Movee Edge!

MOVEE has a strong customer service system that is also very technologically advanced. Our innovative app tells our customers everything they want about their move. Just log in and tell us what you want to know.

Our team gives you all the help you need, from making reservations to getting the services done. With the latest technology and a dedicated customer service team, Movee always gives you an edge over other service providers when it comes to moving.

Customer Reviews

Patricia Murphy
Read More
Two men who picked up my furniture, a big pool table and a dining table were lovely got my stuff yesterday, and we're here at 5:30 am, ready to unload.. helped me set up stuff and moved heavy furniture upstairs.. thanks, guys, great service. Thank you Movee
Julie Bell
Read More
Happy with everything delivered by the team today. Showed a duty of care with quality service when taking larger items in and out of the unit. Make a stress-free move.
Disco Darren
Read More
They are a very friendly and helpful team. Would highly recommend this removalist services company, lots of communication and on-time arrival. Also very fast considering how heavy our items were. Thanks again
Jo Jo
Read More
The move was performed extremely well and with due care. They moved our furniture from Thomastown to Bondi. For this move, Movee provided me with featured cheap removalists Thomastown; thanks a lot.

FAQs - Removals Thomastown

If you have the original TV box, we recommend you to pack your TV in it. If you don’t have the same, the Sydney movers will use moving blankets to cover it.

We take booking for a minimum of 20 cubic meters of space for an interstate move. You can list your belongings accordingly.

Usually, people need six standard cartons or 4-porta robes to pack a single wardrobe. It may also vary as per your belongings.

Yes, our partners are committed to the timelines and follow the schedule strictly.

You can cancel the booking by simply calling us on our number. No charges will apply if you cancel it within 48 hours of booking. However, after 48 hours, cancellation charges will incur.

Yes, all our prices are GST-inclusive.

Yes, you can surely pack your own boxes. The Melbourne movers will take necessary care while moving them. Though, it will not be covered in the insurance in case of any damage.

No, the moving company provide exclusive trucks for your removals.