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The Ultimate House Moving Checklist Australia in 2024

Ultimate House Moving Checklist Australia

Moving is more than just taking your stuff to a new place; it’s a big change that involves making a new place feel like home, making new friends, and beginning a new part of your life. This guide will help you handle the practical aspects of moving and give you a clear checklist for your house move in 2024.

We almost cover every step of your move from early preparation, then booking movers to the post move necessities. There are lots of new opportunities and challenges you will face during this journey. The best moves happen when you’re organized, patient, and ready for some adventure.

Three Months Before: The Early Preparations

  • Getting Ready to Move
    Three months before moving, start by getting in the right mindset. Moving is a mix of excitement and worry. It’s okay to feel all these emotions; it’s part of the moving journey.
  • Planning Your Finances
    Start planning your budget right away because moving costs can add up fast, and there are always surprises. Make a budget that covers everything, like boxes and movers. Add some extra money for unexpected costs. This plan will make you feel more secure and help avoid any surprises with money.
  • Picking a Moving Company
    Now, with your budget ready, find a moving company. This choice is really important for a smooth move. Look up companies, read what other people say about them, and get advice from friends or family who’ve moved.
    Get moving quotes and ask the companies about what they offer, insurance, and what happens if you cancel. Don’t just look for the cheapest; think about how reliable they are, their reputation, and what they provide.

Two Months Before: Start Decluttering and Packing

  1. Cutting Down on Stuff: Simplify Before You Move
    Two months before moving, it’s the perfect moment to sort through your things. Getting rid of stuff you don’t need makes moving easier and can feel really good, like you’re starting fresh. Tackle one room at a time, deciding what to keep, give away, sell, or throw out. Now’s also a good time to gather boxes, bubble wrap, and tape for packing.
  2. Packing Early and Wisely
    Start packing things you don’t often use. This includes holiday decorations, clothes that are out of season, and kitchen items you rarely touch. Make sure to label boxes with what’s inside and which room they should go to.
    This will help a lot when you’re unpacking. Making a list of everything you’re moving can also be a smart move, especially to keep track of your stuff for insurance.

One Month Before: Addressing the Details

  • Changing Your Address and Letting People Know
    Now it’s a month to go, it’s time to update your address. Tell your bank, anyone you subscribe to, and especially the postal service, so they start sending your mail to the new place. Now is also when you should tell your friends and family about the move.
  • Getting Your New Home Ready
    Don’t forget to arrange for your new home’s utility services. Tell your current service providers when to stop their services and contact the new ones to start things like water, electricity, and internet before you get there. You might also want to look into whether there are better deals or services available in your new area.

Two Weeks Before: Final Preparations

  • Double-checking with the Movers
    When you have two weeks left, it’s important to check in with your moving company again. Make sure they have the correct moving date and time, and go over any special requests you have. This helps ensure everything goes smoothly on moving day.
  • Packing What You Need Right Away
    Now’s also the time to pack a box or a suitcase with things you’ll need immediately. Include everyday items like toothpaste, clothes for a few days, important papers, medicine, and kitchen essentials, maybe even your coffee machine. Having these things handy will help you feel more at home during your first few days in the new place.
    As our moving guide for 2024 continues, we’re getting closer to the actual move and the exciting moment of starting fresh in your new home. The next steps are all about finishing your move smoothly and beginning to settle in.

One Week Before: The Final Countdown

  • Finalizing Your Packing
    In the last week before moving, you should finish packing up. This means packing the everyday items you’ve still been using, like kitchen tools, bathroom items, and your clothes. Make sure every box is clearly marked with its contents and which room it goes to. This process will simplify your unpacking at your new house.

house moving checklist

  • Making a Detailed List of Your Stuff
    Now’s a good time to make a detailed moving checklist or list of everything you’re moving. This helps you keep track of your things and is very important for insurance. List everything, organized by room, and highlight anything that’s particularly valuable.
  • Checking the Moving Day Plan Again
    Lastly, double-check the moving plan with your Sydney moving company. Make sure they have the right time, your new address, and any details about getting into your old place and the new one. This is key to making sure there are no mix-ups on moving day.

Moving Day: A New Beginning

  • Getting Ready on Moving Day
    Moving day starts early, so have everything packed, labelled, and ready before the movers get there. Keep your essentials like toiletries, and clothes for a few days, and any immediate kitchen items separate so they don’t end up on the truck accidentally.
  • Guide the Movers
    Watch as your stuff is loaded up to make sure everything is handled gently and packed well. If you can, take photos or videos of your valuable items to show they were in good condition before the move.
  • Last Check of Your Old Place
    Do one last check of your old home to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Look in every wardrobes, closet, and storage places. Now’s also a good time to read the utility meters, turn off all the lights, and make sure the windows and doors are locked.
  • Getting Settled in Your New Home
    When you arrive at your new place, it’s exciting but can feel like a lot. Tell the movers where to put your furniture and boxes, using the labels as a guide.
  • Unpacking What You Need First
    Begin by unpacking the essentials you kept out for your first few days. Getting your bed set up, finding your toiletries, and sorting out basic kitchen items will help make your first night much more comfortable house move in adelaide.

Post-Move: Making Your House a Home

  • Setting Up Your Home
    After you get settled, make sure all your utilities are working. If you didn’t arrange for things like Electricity, Gas, Internet or TV service before moving, now’s the time.
  • Double-checking Your Address Change
    Make sure your mail is coming to your new address and that you’ve updated your details with banks, your job, and anyone else important. It’s easy to forget, but really important to make sure you don’t miss any mail or bills.
  • Getting to Know Your New Area
    Exploring your new neighbourhood is one of the fun parts of moving. Take some time to walk around, check out local stores and parks, and maybe meet some neighbours. Feeling connected to your new place can help you settle in faster.
  • Taking a Moment for Yourself
    Moving is big and busy, so once you’re in, take a moment to breathe and think about the move. It’s a big deal, and you’ve done a lot of work. 


Moving can feel like a huge task, but with careful planning and a positive outlook, it opens up a new chapter full of possibilities. The best way to move is by planning, staying organized, and being ready for new experiences.

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