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The Best Removalists in Newcastle: 5 Traits You Should Look for Gif Maker 2

When you think about moving, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Stress. The logistics, preparation, and hiring of professional removalists. Many would agree—moving from one place to another is a hassle.

The entire moving process can be simplified by hiring removal experts. Sure it may be an added expense to hit your budget, but leaving it to the professionals will absolutely take the burden off of your shoulders.

It doesn’t have to be that exhausting; if you know what to look for in a moving partner, that is. With that being said, how do you choose the best removalist in the market?

Below are some of the must-have traits of the best removalists Newcastle can offer.

1. Top-notch Customer Service

It definitely helps that you are comfortable talking with your removal company because you will be in touch with them at every step of the way.

First impressions last; you wouldn’t want to deal with a company that’s rude and unprofessional. Hence, excellent customer service is a good way to measure a company’s attitude towards business. Choose a removalist that is truly eager to satisfy your moving needs and is professional from the get-go.

You can look at online reviews and testimonials as your initial process of screening. Rating and feedback from customers can help you find the right moving partner. Companies may obtain odd 1-star ratings at times, but if a moving company has several four or five-star reviews, you may add it to your shortlist of movers. On the other hand, those with consistent negative ratings are a big no.

You may also ask for recommendations. Talk to your family and friends if they can refer a good company to help you move. Today may be the golden age of technology, but word-of-mouth referrals still work. After all, quality service definitely leaves a mark, right?

2. Honest and Accurate Estimates

It is a must to hire an experienced professional for your moving needs. A removalist will assess all the specifics: the total number of your items, distance from point A to point B, moving supplies to be used, travel costs, etc.

During the estimation, your removalist should also consider other factors in making the moving process successfully. These include potential obstacles such as stairways, access to your things, and the size of your items to be moved.

Ideally, they should also have the initiative to help you lessen your moving expenses by providing assistance—such as getting rid of unwanted items, proper packing and securing loose items, etc. These show that the company actually cares about your welfare, not just their earnings.

3. Budget-friendly, Transparent Rates

Generally, looking for a sweet deal will always be important in every transaction.  Without a doubt, moving can be very expensive, but it does not mean you should settle for the cheapest option available.

Value for money is a priority. You wouldn’t want to be surprised by cheap rates with hidden charges. Some removalist companies can be very sneaky—they add fees to your quote after the job is done.

Find a company that will provide you an itemized list of services with fixed or hourly rates. This will allow you to be at ease when it comes to budgeting your moving expenses.

In addition, get a mover that offers price matching. It is a given that you have done your research, so don’t hesitate to ask them if they can adjust to a price you’re comfortable with.

4. Transit Insurance

As discussed above, cheap is not always the best option. Sure, removalist companies can offer you more pocket-friendly deals, but what’s the catch? Unfortunately, the safe handling of your belongings may still be uncertain.

A good moving company will provide you insurance to keep your mind at ease while your things are on the move. This should come in handy, especially with long-distance travels such as interstate removalists Sydney-bound or elsewhere.

Look for a removalist that provides insurance in case of loss or damage of goods, incidental storage costs, and the like. Accidents can happen anytime and leaving your things at risk is not worth it. Some removalists offer insurance policies on top of the total cost of their services while some include it on their final quote.

5. ‘Above and Beyond’ Features and Extras

Look for removalist companies that stand out; companies without the “you get what you pay for” attitude.

Some movers aim to leave a positive impression to ensure getting a repeat customers in the future. Doing little things such as offering assistance in bubble wrapping and unpacking your items—with little to no charge.

Also, there are removalists that care for the environment, and companies that use eco-friendly, recycled moving supplies that offset their carbon footprint. If you are into nature protection and helping address climate change, these companies do exist.

You may also pick companies that are willing to negotiate for better prices or removal packages. Providing innovative services shows that your mover is capable of delivering the over-the-top service that you deserve.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what to inquire about is the first step. Finding the best removalist in Newcastle may seem challenging. However, if you are equipped with the right knowledge, hiring a moving partner can be a breeze.

There are several removalist companies to choose from, and the competition is pretty much stiff. Chances are, you will have quite a few choices before deciding on a final one. Weigh the pros and cons of each company you find.

Just be sure to check out the above-mentioned tips and you are good to go. Overall, you are looking for a company that has a proven track record of safety, consistency, and quality. The entire process may be completed in a day or two, but a lot can happen. The more you put emphasis on finding the best removalist platform, the less likely you will have trouble due to possible mishaps.