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What Types of Things Do Removalists in Melbourne Refuse to Transport?

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It is easy to forget that Removalists Melbourne Eastern Suburbs cannot move some items when packing. They cannot move these dangerous objects. It is cumbersome to arrange things that your moving company will not transport. 

Find out what your Moving Company in Preston can and cannot accept before packing. Before your move, enquire with the company about prohibited or unacceptable items.

This article provides a list of the items your movers cannot transport so that you can make appropriate preparations.

Checklist of Items to Be Unpacked


I cannot move some items because of safety concerns. Moving companies in Melbourne have varying policies regarding what they will and will not transport. This research will save you time by reducing or eliminating the need for moving company assistance with preparation or packing. Items a moving company will not cart:

1) Food Items

Movers cannot keep perishable items cool, especially during long-distance moves or storage. Even rodents and insects consume perishable foods, destroying your valuables and the moving company’s equipment. It would be best if you discard, before the moving day, milk, butter, yogurt, ice cream, frozen treats, and fresh produce unless you have a large cooler. 

Oils, spices, and dried fruits are non-perishable items that travel well. Instead of discarding perishable food, consider donating it to a local food bank. Ask moving companies which foods they will not transport.

2) Harmful Items

Chemicals Dangerous substances include flammable, corrosive, and explosive substances. Gasses, radioactive materials, and hazardous chemicals are examples. Before moving day, plan what to keep with you and what to throw away. Read the label before disposing of or transporting a chemical or other substance.

Due to safety regulations, the removal team may be unable to move the following items. Some items on the list may have slipped your mind; recall them to avoid a last-minute scramble. Among the prohibited and hazardous home items are:

Batteries for household use Weapons and ammunition

Liquid bleach and fire extinguishers are examples of aerosols.

O2 tanks for fireworks

Propane Oil, gasoline, tape, remover, and thinner


Get rid of all household chemicals before a long-distance move. Everything should fit in your car if you’re moving locally. You should not seal them and drive with them. If you must transport them, ensure that the lids are open and securely fastened.

3) Oddities and family heirlooms

Movers should not move items that are irreplaceable or important. Before the movers arrive, gather your valuables. Some movers require a signed ownership declaration before delivering such items. Bring all family heirlooms with you when you move. Some movers are rigid when transporting priceless artifacts and personal mementos.

Many Movers Greensborough will refuse to transport certain items due to the risk of loss or damage. Something may be damaged when movers load and unload moving boxes. 

The liability insurance provided by the movers may only insure the item’s current market value, not the total amount you paid. Nothing and no one can replace the sentimental value of a treasured possession.

4) Pets

Your dog may enjoy his bed, but he will despise getting confined. Because they heat up, moving vans are not ideal for transporting animals. When moving a dog or cat, it’s critical to calm them down. Prepare everything for your pet’s health before they arrive.

They cannot transport animals in moving trucks. You can transport your pets in your vehicle or hire professional Movers and Packers in Greensborough

Consult a moving company and a veterinarian about transporting pets. Have a friend or family member pet-sit if you want everything unpacked and set up before your pet arrives.

5) Plants

Live plants, like other perishables, cannot survive a long journey. Transport your plants if you want to make sure they get included. Ask the new owners if you’re moving a long distance and want to avoid taking your plants with you. You could also distribute them to your neighbors and friends. We could also use it in schools, senior centers, and hospitals.

Plants, like pets, can be harmed by moving trucks. Bring the plants with you if you’re moving across town. Should wrap each plant in a container in plastic before shipping.

6) Scuba equipment

Find another method to help transport scuba equipment on the moving company’s truck. Scuba tanks may contain gasses other than highly pressurized oxygen. The pressurized air in scuba tanks can be dangerous if handled or maintained incorrectly. Scuba tanks would shake on a moving truck, making this potentially dangerous. A pressurized scuba tank may explode in a car accident. Before transporting your scuba tanks, make sure they are empty.

7) Alcoholic drinks

Your Movers in Melbourne may not transport alcohol. Private alcohol consumption gets restricted in some areas. 

Alcohol is a flammable liquid. If you pack something that catches fire without informing the movers, you may be liable for repairs.

Alcohol in a moving truck is dangerous. Because most moving trucks lack climate control, valuable alcohol bottles get exposed to heat, humidity, and light. Rent a climate-controlled truck or hire a wine relocation company if you have an expensive wine collection. These businesses provide professional packing, transportation, and unpacking services.

8) Barbecue Grilling Equipment

Some parts of the grill or smoker are immovable. The use of flammable charcoal and lighter fluid is prohibited. If you have a gas grill, make sure the tanks are empty before moving. 

Allow a day for your grill or smoker to cool before loading it. Grilling can be dangerous, even with tremendous handles. 

If you leave it empty for a few days before moving, you’ll have more time to clean it. A dirty grill will not contaminate the truck’s cargo.

9) Hiking Prerequisites

You may need to relocate equipment depending on the size of your yard and pool. Before moving day, safely dispose of or leave behind acids and treatment chemicals. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are among the ingredients. 

Before packing and moving, empty the gas and oil containers from your lawnmower, chainsaw, and weedeater. Drain the gas and oil from the system before moving. It would help if you allowed plenty of time to dispose of oil and gasoline following local regulations.


To avoid dealing with unshippable items on moving day, ask your preferred movers Moorabbin ahead of time which objects are not permitted. Should not entrust non-essential or irreplaceable items to the movers. Movers aren’t interested in you. 

To ensure everyone’s safety, move slowly and carefully. Removalists in Greensborough can advise you on what you can and are not able to transport in Melbourne and interstate. 

They provide residential and commercial moving services both locally and interstate, as well as project management, warehouse management, container storage, and personal belongings storage. 

They also offer on-site labor, inventory counters, and facility management professionals. Experienced crews and ongoing training ensure that our team has the most up-to-date skills and best practices. We can assist you with packing, moving, and storage.